When one finds out that they are unable to eat a certain food, the mind automatically goes to extremes. “I guess I’ll never eat ice cream again… There goes my favorite Friday pizza night.” It really is understandable to be dizzied by the murky future when you’ve only known a certain way of eating and […] . . .


  We’re still making our way through the 160 pounds of sweet potatoes I purchased last fall. We’re fairly sick of the roasted, buttered option and hash and mash are starting to sound less and less appealing. Inspired by a neighbor’s offering of curry powder and our love of the super nutrient-density found in curry, […] . . .


  Spring is so close and yet seems so far away, doesn’t it? We’re getting ready to direct-sow some crops and start others in our south-facing window. But we’re hankering for something beyond root vegetables and squash. Something that doesn’t have the word potato in it. Something green. This is the time of year I’m […] . . .


  Besides soup and plain meats and vegetables, what exactly does one eat on a restricted diet? I’ve been exploring this with our son as we trudge through an elimination diet. I worry about his caloric intake given that he is incredibly active and in some of his most formative years. But whether it’s him […] . . .


   It’s the end of February, we’re just about to start our seedlings. Other than ferment jars, roots, and some pretty tough cilantro that keeps surviving our frosts; there’s not a whole lot growing on our little homestead. Like you, we’re enjoying plenty of soups with veggies and a dollop of kraut on the side. […] . . .


Our son is going through a fairly strict elimination diet regimen right now. Poor guy is a growing eight year-old with some long-standing tummy issues that we are attempting to resolve in a similar manner to the GAPS diet, but with a bit more freedom for his needs. As of today he is off dairy, […] . . .


A few months ago I was at our local, small town grocery store. I was just wandering through the produce aisle when the sweet potatoes caught my eye. At $.25/lb, I knew I wanted to stock up. There was a nice man on the other side of the bin restocking. So I asked if it […] . . .


I love the idea of a Mexican haystack. Essentially it is all of your favorite Mexican meal fixings – meat, beans, veggies, rice, toppings – served buffet style. People can layer their plates with whichever of the base ingredients that appeal to them and then top them off with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce, […] . . .


Wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday, mend on Wednesday… you remember how it goes in Little House on the Prairie, don’t you? And Saturday was baking day, Ma churning out loaves of bread, jars of cookies, and some real, lard or butter-filled pies. I love the idea of getting all of my baking done in […] . . .


My six-year-old’s favorite meal is chili. It doesn’t matter how I make it – different every time – or what I put into it – also different – he always gasps and says “CHILI?!” when I tell him what’s for dinner. So I am forever trying to switch up our chili ingredients lest the rest […] . . .