Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an app?

Yes, we have an app for both Android and iOS devices! You can use the same Plan to Eat account across all platforms, so you can download the app on all your devices.

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How much does Plan to Eat cost?

It’s $5.95/month or $49/year. We do not ask for credit card information before starting a 14-day free trial. We offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. By default, we do not automatically bill you when your yearly subscription expires.

Why isn't there a free plan?

You may have heard the saying if you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product. We don’t believe in making money by selling your data to the highest bidder, but we still need funds to create the best meal-planning software available.

When you pay us a monthly or annual subscription, you’re contributing to a fully customer-funded business, which allows us to be customer-focused and avoid being sleazy data salespeople.  

Read more about our stance on not selling your data. 

What happens if my subscription expires?

We never delete your data unless you specifically ask us to do so. All of your account data, including your recipes, will be waiting there for you when you are able to renew!

However, we do not want to hold your recipes hostage, so you can export a copy of your recipes at any time.

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Does a subscription allow me to use the app and website?

Yes! You can use the same login credentials for both the app and the website. Any changes you make on either platform will be visible in each location. Make sure you are connected to internet or data for syncing to take place. 

Do you provide recipes and meal plans?

Plan to Eat does not provide recipes or meal plans because we want you to be in control of the recipes in your account. We provide the tools for you to gather the recipes that meet your preferences, dietary needs, and budget.

Learn how to add recipes to your account

Will Plan to Eat make my grocery list for me?

Yes! Once you’ve added recipes and ingredients to your planning calendar, the program automatically generates a shopping list. You can choose a date range for your shopping list that corresponds with the dates of your planning calendar. Then you can shop for what you need and never forget anything!

Learn more about the shopping list

Can Plan to Eat help me meal plan on a monthly basis?

Yes, Plan to Eat can help you meal plan on a monthly basis! You can use Plan to Eat to create meal plans for any length of time, including a full month or longer. We do not have any restrictions on how many recipes you can add to your meal planning calendar or how many recipes you can have in your account! 

You can create a monthly meal plan and shop for an entire month ahead of time with your automatically generated shopping list.

Can Plan to Eat help with my diet?

No matter what your dietary preferences, Plan to Eat will help you with your diet. Meal planning with Plan to Eat, will help you stay on track by allowing you to choose the recipes you want in your account! All the recipes you import can be specific to your needs and preferences and not based on someone else’s meal plan. 

Whether you have dietary restrictions, food allergies, or are starting a new diet, Plan to Eat gives you the tools to create customized meal plans that fit your individual needs. 

Does meal planning save money?

Yes! Creating a meal plan saves you money on groceries because you only shop for what you need. When you create a meal plan, Plan to Eat makes a shopping list for you and then you can go to the store with an organized list, or send it to your local grocery store for pickup or delivery! 

Grocery shopping from an organized list of ingredients, generated from your recipes, prevents you from overbuying on random items you don’t actually need. 

In 2017, we surveyed our customers and the average food cost of the customers surveyed, per person in the household per month, was reduced from $199 to $152. That’s a grocery bill reduction of 23%!

Have a different question?

Personal service is one of the things we pride ourselves on most. If you have other questions you can visit the Plan to Eat Knowledge Base, or if you would just like to chat, you can send us a message below. We’re here weekdays from 9-5 Mountain time. If you send a message outside of business hours we’ll do our best to get back to you within 12 hours.

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