The weather is getting warmer and spring is on the horizon. It’s time to shed that winter coat and turn your face towards the sun! There’s no better time than right now to freshen up what you’re doing when it comes to meal planning! Let the change in season inspire you to take some much […] . . .


  I’m all about meals that come together in minutes. Because even as someone who loves to cook, there are some days or nights that I’m just exhausted. I still want something delicious, I just don’t want to spend a ton of time making it. That’s when I lean heavy on the veggies and whole […] . . .


This past January warmed up, unlike most that came before. It brought about a feeling of Spring long before we will officially feel Spring weather on a regular basis. Just as we began to enjoy the warmth, the sunshine and noticing the plants around us budding, the snow came. Several areas across the United States […] . . .


When you love a song, you put it on repeat. It’s just so good; you want to keep listening to it. Eventually though, the infatuation wears off, right? So you find a new song to jam to. That other song is still good, it’s just not on constant rotation. And that’s okay. Just like that […] . . .


Hey, did you know that in addition to our extensive Knowledge Base, we have a support team that is ready and waiting to help you with your questions? We do and we’d love to help you! Here at Plan to Eat, we want our customers to feel heard and helped. When you contact us, you’re […] . . .


Are you using your pantry to help with meal planning? If not, you should be! Instead of using your pantry as a storage place for foods to hide until they go bad, use it as an amazing place to build an arsenal of nourishing foods you can use anytime! How do you stock the perfect […] . . .


The ground is frozen. I haven’t thrown a shovel into it in weeks. Anything outdoors is dormant for the Winter. Some growth continues with the help of high tunnels and greenhouse structures. The structures provide protection from the freezing temperatures. The garlic that will be harvested in Summer and Fall has been planted. It needs […] . . .


  From all of us at Plan to Eat, thank you! We’re so glad you’re here and that Plan to Eat has been useful for you. As we look back on 2018, part of what we get to look back on is data on our server based on how tens of thousands of you are […] . . .


Our house suffered quite a bit of damage with Hurricane Michael and like so many others. My friends talk about how they didn't think about grabbing their fave recipes, especially holiday recipes. I don't have that problem!!


It’s every parent’s dream, isn’t it? To wake up to breakfast already made? Ok, true – if we’re really dreaming, let’s have the kitchen cleaned up, floor swept and a load of laundry folded and in drawers – but we’ll keep this challenge realistic. Today I want to challenge you to teach your kids one breakfast recipe, and we’ll give you some cool examples, like this one: