For our Recipe of the Day, The Magical Slow Cooker brings us Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup.  If you batch cook, this is a great meal to add to your list because you just add all the ingredients into a freezer bag and you’re done until you are ready to cook! Seriously. That’s it! Talk about simple […] . . .


One Pot Thai Style Peanut Pasta is the 17th recipe in our Easy Meals for the New Year Challenge and the recipe of the day! This fantastic one pot meal comes from Apron Strings, and it originally appeared in our One Pot April challenge. While we’ve shared this recipe with you before, we think it […] . . .


It’s day 16 of our Easy Meal for the New Year challenge and today we are featuring Chicken Parmesan Casserole from Thriving Home! This easy recipe can be eaten as is, or served over pasta or white rice. It’s simple, quick to prep, and another meal to pop in your freezer for a delicious dinner […] . . .


We’re excited to share recipe #15 as we begin week three of our Easy Meals for the New Year challenge — Baked Tilapia from Spend with Pennies! This recipe is truly a fast one! You can prep, bake, and serve this fish in just about 15 minutes. The fish is delicate and flaky and the […] . . .


We are rolling into week 3 of our Easy Meals for the New Year challenge. Today’s recipe comes to us from Cleverly Simple; a lovely blog with lots of delicious, easy, and creative recipes. Go check it out! Sausage and Cheese Biscuits are the perfect meal prep recipe for a Sunday because you can make […] . . .


Meal planning is a lot easier when you have great recipes to work with, but finding great recipes can feel daunting. To help you get started, we’ve collected, and personally tested, 30 easy-to-prepare recipes from all over the web and made them available to you right in your Plan to Eat account. Join us for Easy Meals for […] . . .


Day 12 of our Easy Meals for the New Year challenge brings us an amazing lasagna from the blog Life as a Strawberry. The recipe is cheesy, creamy, and comforting. This is one of those dishes you make when friends come over, take to new parents, or pop in the freezer for a delicious meal […] . . .


Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet is another one pot meal that we’ve re-introduced for this challenge. Originally in our One Pot October Challenge, we decided there are a few recipes we want to make sure you don’t miss out on! This is one of those recipes. This meal comes from Budget Bytes, and again, you know […] . . .


We’re 10 days into this challenge and only just getting started, but I feel as though we’ve already shared SO many recipes with you. Any favorites yet? Today’s recipe might just fall into the “favorites” category for you. Slow Cooker Mexican Stuffed Peppers from The Slow Cooking Housewife requires minimal prep — just mixing together a few […] . . .


Boneless Country Style BBQ Ribs is our Recipe of the Day, and the 9th recipe in our Easy Meals for the New Year challenge. This is another tasty (and easy!) recipe from Happy Money Saver, who has graciously provided several for us to use this month. Every one of them has been delicious, so if you’re […] . . .