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overhead shot of ingredients for homemade hamburger buns in individual containers
Guest Author: Anna

Homemade Hamburger Buns Recipe

Any excuse we can find to light up the charcoal and grill for dinner, you better believe we are going to take it. Lately, my

Plan To Eat



Plan to Eat + ButcherBox (Review and Giveaway!)

We’re excited to introduce you to a company called ButcherBox. They are a delivery service that brings 100% grass fed and finished beef, free range chicken, heritage breed pork (and much, much more) right to your doorstep.


Customer Stories


Customer Stories: Jenn

In 2018, we had a blog series called “Customer Stories,” where we interviewed several of you and shared your Plan to Eat stories with the

In The Kitchen

overhead shot of ingredients for homemade hand pies portioned into white bowls
Guest Author: Anna

Homemade Hand Pies Recipe

Growing up and into college, Pop-Tarts were one of my go-tos for a quick breakfast or snack. I used to get the two pack of

angled shot of a table filled with home cooked food, bright light shines in through a window

Why We Need Community and Food

We believe our mental and physical health is directly tied to what we eat. It’s easy to see how food affects our physical health, but

In The Garden

Meal Planning

Food Issues

Book Reviews


The Campout Cookbook Review

I have happy childhood memories of scenic drives into the mountains for a long weekend of camping, fishing, and playing in the dirt. My family

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