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Raw & Cultured Breakfast Bowl

When the cold creeps in and the sun rises late I tend to make the same warming, rich breakfasts over and over again:

  • Eggs, meat, potatoes/bread, fruit
  • Pancakes/French toast with butter, nut butter, and fruit
  • Soured oat/millet porridge with milk, butter, etc.

They’re all nourishing in their own right. Fresh homegrown eggs gently fried in good butter until the whites are set and the yolk runs in golden streaks across our plates. Pancakes that are soured overnight and served with fruit and fats. Porridges that are soured and served piping hot on cold mornings.

See, all of them are good, but none of them will suit on a morning when you’re feeling just a bit sluggish from a heavy meal the night before. Which is where this raw and cultured breakfast bowl comes in.

So even on a cold morning I like to serve these raw and cultured breakfast bowls. Start with raw fruit. If you’ve got blood sugar issues try the lower sugar fruits like berries, green apples, and grapefruits. Right now at this dark time of the year it is the latter two that I opt for.

Combine this raw fruit with a heaping pile of full-fat cultured dairy. Our favorite is kefir for it is easy to make with fresh, raw goat milk. Any variety of unflavored yogurt will do too. This is the bulk of your protein and fat so be generous. It’ll also lend some happy enzymes and friendly bacteria to the most important meal of the day.

Finally, you can add some additional fat and protein via nuts and seeds. Pictured above are some raw Spanish peanuts. Sunflower, chia, and pumpkin seeds are also wonderful as are walnuts, pecans, and almonds. When I can I like to soak and dehydrate seeds and nuts to neutralize any enzyme-inhibitors that might interfere with that lovely fruit and cultured dairy we are serving it with.

Oh, and if you prefer some vegetables in your breakfast bowl, try this raw carrot cake breakfast bowl. Yes, it does kind of taste like carrot cake, and yes it is perfect for this time of year when truly fresh fruit is hard to find.

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