Valentine’s Day takes many forms throughout a life. In elementary school it’s hotly anticipated and tons of fun. Then in middle school and high school it becomes tortuous. Once you’ve really found a special someone, it becomes kinda sweet–picnics on the beach, Sunday drives to no where, late-night art films at a trendy cafe. At […] . . .


The weeks after the holidays are a little glum, yes? Your kitchen’s a mess. Your house is filthy. Your body is flabby. And spring is so far away! Before you fill your gullet with the last of the Christmas cookies out of depression, read on! Plan to Eat has put together the perfect giveaway package […] . . .


Explore traditional recipe favorites and alter these inspiring desserts, pastries, and breads to replace white sugar and flour with unrefined natural sweeteners and whole-grain flours that are full of nutrition and often more easily digested.


I had the radio tuned to NPR one day while I was toodling around town running errands. I caught a portion of an intriguing interview with Eugenia Bone, the author of The Kitchen Ecosystem*. She was talking about “cooking as a continuum, where each meal draws on elements from a previous one, providing the building […] . . .


This week I decided to cook recipes from the Inspiralized Cookbook  with one requirement: “I wouldn’t normally make this…” I wanted to branch out and use ingredients that I had never cooked with or typically shy away from. The ingredients that stand out for me this time are Chayote and Fish Sauce. I made two […] . . .


Like all of you, our weather here in the Rocky Mountains of late has been erratic and unpredictable. On a sunny, record-breakingly warm day in February I received a copy of Tabitha Alterman’s Whole Grain Baking Made Easy in my mailbox*. I hardly glanced at it. There was pre-season gardening to be done and walks with the […] . . .


With school starting again I am finding myself wandering the aisles of the grocery store looking for easy and quick snacks to toss into lunch boxes. Most of the pre-packaged treats commonly available come with unpronounceable ingredients, and I really don’t see the benefit of feeding them to my children, so the product goes back […] . . .


What’s that on the kitchen counter? It’s a pillow! It’s a tuffet! No, it’s a Wonderbag! . . .


Imagine you’re walking through the French countryside. The sun is high and your stomach rumbly as you approach a charming cottage à l’heure du déjeuner, and you notice a sweet-faced grand-mère gathering some of the fruits from her garden. She smiles, beckons you inside, and invites you to sit down to a table of delights: crusty sourdough bread, Gruyère coated […] . . .


The Sweet Pea was super excited when she found this cookbook in the library, Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen by Carol Odell. She loves books. She loves cooking. It was a perfect marriage. When she showed me the recipes and asked if she could review it*, I gave an enthusiastic “Yes!” . . .