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Sparkle Stories: A Review and Giveaway


Normally on our blog we discuss things related to food and meal planning and such. Today’s review is admittedly not directly related to these usual topics, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Our kids always fall asleep at night while listening to a recorded story. Some of their favorites are the “Little House on the Prairie” series, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “Winnie the Pooh”, and recently a really funny little book called “Clementine”. So when Lisabeth from Sparkle Stories introduced us to their lovely weekly stories I was thrilled, because when your kids listen to a story EVERY night, it is amazing how fast they go through all the stories in the house (like 5 times each!)

Sparkle Stories produces original audio stories for children and parents around the world.  They have eight original Story Series, and a ninth, called “Saturday Sparkle” that features classic tales and verses — all of which follow the seasons of the year.  Our favorites so far are “Saturday Sparkle” (because it includes poetry and classic fairy tales), “Martin and Sylvia” and “At Home with Martin and Sylvia”. They have 6 more series we have not yet explored very fully. They also have single story “car packs” for long trips.

My girls love their Sparkle Stories. They love having NEW stories to listen to each Friday. And the Sparkle Stories web site is super easy to use (a very important feature). You can stream your stories or download them to your computer. They also keep all your past stories in your “story box” so you can go back to them anytime you like. I highly recommend you check it out. They even have a food section on their blog called Sparkle Kitchen with lots of yummy recipes.

And now for the giveaway!

David and Lisabeth have generously offered to give away a 3 month subscription to 3 of their Subscription Series!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sparkle Stories also has a great “trial” offer for everyone who does not win the giveaway. You can select from one of three subscription packages for a month for only $1.00.

Add some “Sparkle” to your week!

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