Our New Big Challenge – and Giveaway!

Plan to Eat was created as a result of our family’s desire to eat great food together, cooked at home.  We have recently discovered a famous chef who’s mission is to help people do the same thing.  Jamie Oliver is a Brit who has made it his mission to teach people on both sides of the pond to cook.  We like his food philosophy and his cookbooks so we have decided to start a new project.  We are going to cook every recipe in his cookbook, Jamie’s Food Revolution. Sort of like the movie Julie and Julia for those who have seen it.  Hopefully through the process we will expand our cooking skills and some of you lovely people out there will join us.

Here is the plan. There are about 163 recipes in Jamie’s Food Revolution.  We’re going to cook at least one recipe a day until we make it through the whole book.  Each week we’ll publish our meal plan.  Then through the week, we’ll post on each recipe we’ve cooked.

Here is the invitation to you.  Go find a copy of Jamie’s cookbook and cook with us. You don’t have to cook every recipe we are cooking, just cook a couple each week that look appealing and then share your cooking experience and what you thought of the recipe in the comments. Each week we’ll randomly select one person who has cooked from Jamie’s cookbook and commented on our blog to receive a free, one year subscription to Plan to Eat. If you are already a subscriber, you can choose to extend your current subscription one year beyond it’s expiration or give it to a friend and invite them to cook with us too.

We will provide a link to the recipes saved in Plan to Eat so you can easily save them to your recipe book and generate a shopping list. The recipes we share will not include the directions, just the ingredients, so you’ll need to use Jamie’s Food Revolution book for cooking.

Now go get the book and lets take up his challenge:  “I want [the book] to be the catalyst for empowering millions of you to make proper home-cooked, affordable meals from scratch again.  I’ve written the recipes in this book so they’re nice and simple and anyone can follow them.” (pg. 13-14)

We will post our first week’s meal plan on Sunday, Feb 24th and begin cooking them on Monday.

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