Creating a weekly meal plan is a habit that has served me well over the last few years. It keeps me organized, saves on the budget, and helps me stay intentional with eating healthy meals. I can’t think of any reason I wouldn’t meal plan. It just makes life easier. However, even the best meal […] . . .


I had the radio tuned to NPR one day while I was toodling around town running errands. I caught a portion of an intriguing interview with Eugenia Bone, the author of The Kitchen Ecosystem*. She was talking about “cooking as a continuum, where each meal draws on elements from a previous one, providing the building […] . . .


Summer has finally arrived in Northern Colorado. We spent most of the month of May with cloudy skies, rain, and flooding. June has brought with it sunshine, gardens, outdoor activities, and happier people. It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do!  I would love to have a garden.  The idea of growing my own food […] . . .


This week I decided to cook recipes from the Inspiralized Cookbook  with one requirement: “I wouldn’t normally make this…” I wanted to branch out and use ingredients that I had never cooked with or typically shy away from. The ingredients that stand out for me this time are Chayote and Fish Sauce. I made two […] . . .


Confession: I judge books by their covers. Especially cookbooks*. Whenever I’m evaluating a new cookbook, I pull it out of the envelope, read the title, glance at the cover photos, and my mind is already made up. Yes, I like this one. No, I don’t like that one. It’s frighteningly similar (and just as irrational) […] . . .


Meal planning can be an overwhelming process. Now throw in trying to lose weight and feed a family of four and it can seem down right impossible. Pizza anyone? Ha! I know not the answer you wanted to hear. Don’t worry I have a solution. I have been preparing family-friendly meal plans for over 4 years. That’s […] . . .


I really love good food. I enjoy trying unique new restaurants, being inventive in the kitchen, and amping up old favorites. I also really love to find healthier alternatives to “normal” foods. (lettuce wraps, cauliflower rice, zucchini chips…YUM!)  Combine healthy and delicious and you have a winning meal.  That desire to find good food that […] . . .


Tags allow you to organize recipes into any categories and customize them to your lifestyle. Once a tag is applied to a recipe, all recipes that use that tag can be found by clicking on that particular blue tag icon on the recipe. Plan to Eat has always had tags, but now they are easier than […] . . .


We are really excited about a new feature that allows you to convert any recipe in your Plan to Eat account into Metric, regardless of where you imported it from. This is done simply by checking a box in Plan to Eat in one of two places: 1. When viewing a recipe you will see […] . . .


When one finds out that they are unable to eat a certain food, the mind automatically goes to extremes. “I guess I’ll never eat ice cream again… There goes my favorite Friday pizza night.” It really is understandable to be dizzied by the murky future when you’ve only known a certain way of eating and […] . . .