Last year we welcomed a sweet new baby into our family. Every new baby, no matter how sweet, brings disruption, but due to my ulcerative colitis and health history, new babies are especially complicated. I took most of the year off from writing in order to make room for taking care of myself and baby. . . .


When you next log into your Plan to Eat account you may notice a few changes. We are really excited to unveil our latest upgrades that will make meal planning easier than ever. Here is a quick overview:  Recipes With bigger images that are a uniform size, your recipes are now more organized and easier . . .


I remember cooking omelets in teflon pans in high school and thinking how easily they came out of the pan despite the lack of fat in the bottom of the pan. Fast forward to my second year of marriage and you can see me at the sink desperately scraping the shellacked egg from my stainless . . .


   I’m not sure how this happened but everywhere I turn there are remnants of a humanely butchered animal. Now, before this comes off as morbid or disrespectful, this post is about eating the whole animal in order to reduce wastefulness and maximize nourishment. There’s just no gentle way of saying there are bits and . . .


Thinking about grocery budgets makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide from the three real food meals per day that I feed my family. Food is not cheap and it’s not getting any cheaper and a budget is just one more parameter in addition to the food sensitivities we already deal with. . . .


I’ve been on an oat flour kick recently and I thought the nutty, dense flour would lend itself well to a shortbread recipe. Shortbread is, by far, my favorite cookie – not too sweet, as most cookies are, but sweet enough to play up the flavor of whole grain flours. It is a sweet treat . . .


  A smooth breakfast ritual has eluded me for the longest time. It was always a tough transition from sleeping to eating to beyond with this growing family of mine. Sure, when it was just a baby and a toddler things were simple, but now I need to be more proactive. Being on the other . . .


One of the foods I will buy when I’m crunched for time is canned beans. I’ve been cooking dried beans for years, but sometimes I forget to soak and cook them and that’s where canned beans come in. They’re more expensive than dried beans, to be sure, and they’re also canned in BPA-lined cans, which . . .


Plan to Eat was approached by the Lititz Pennsylvania Meals on Wheels to see if we could help them organize their recipes, coordinate their menu plan, and make shopping lists. Yes we can help with that — that’s what we do!  Though Plan to Eat is designed for households it can easily scale to accommodate . . .


   When we don’t have vegetables coming out of the garden that I can work with, I generally buy quite a bit of produce every week. There are the typical onions, garlic, and carrots for flavoring and making soups. There are salad vegetables and cooking greens for their deep nutritional profile. And then there is . . .