Like all of you, our weather here in the Rocky Mountains of late has been erratic and unpredictable. On a sunny, record-breakingly warm day in February I received a copy of Tabitha Alterman’s Whole Grain Baking Made Easy in my mailbox*. I hardly glanced at it. There was pre-season gardening to be done and walks with the . . .


  We’re still making our way through the 160 pounds of sweet potatoes I purchased last fall. We’re fairly sick of the roasted, buttered option and hash and mash are starting to sound less and less appealing. Inspired by a neighbor’s offering of curry powder and our love of the super nutrient-density found in curry, . . .


  Spring is so close and yet seems so far away, doesn’t it? We’re getting ready to direct-sow some crops and start others in our south-facing window. But we’re hankering for something beyond root vegetables and squash. Something that doesn’t have the word potato in it. Something green. This is the time of year I’m . . .


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Many people still hold on to the belief that weight loss comes in the form of a magic pill, potion, shake, wrap, or restrictive fad diet. For some reason we still feel there is a secret code to weight loss and other people (companies) hold the key to that code. What if I told you . . .


  Besides soup and plain meats and vegetables, what exactly does one eat on a restricted diet? I’ve been exploring this with our son as we trudge through an elimination diet. I worry about his caloric intake given that he is incredibly active and in some of his most formative years. But whether it’s him . . .


Black beans are one of the worlds healthiest foods.  We keep a large stock of them in our pantry, and soak a big batch of them overnight before cooking. In the morning they are drained and rinsed, then usually I simmer them in salted water with a few garlic cloves.  Having black beans pre-cooked and . . .


Aunt Jessie did not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Her answer to every culinary question was a pot roast and a coconut cream pie. Preferably store-bought. When Aunt Jessie passed away, I received her book of recipe clippings–yellowed bits of newsprint carefully lifted from the daily paper, or mimeographed sheets of bleeding . . .


   It’s the end of February, we’re just about to start our seedlings. Other than ferment jars, roots, and some pretty tough cilantro that keeps surviving our frosts; there’s not a whole lot growing on our little homestead. Like you, we’re enjoying plenty of soups with veggies and a dollop of kraut on the side. . . .


Our son is going through a fairly strict elimination diet regimen right now. Poor guy is a growing eight year-old with some long-standing tummy issues that we are attempting to resolve in a similar manner to the GAPS diet, but with a bit more freedom for his needs. As of today he is off dairy, . . .