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April 2024 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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#80: Plenty Heirloom Farms: Cultivating a Garden-to-Table Community with Sarah Sailer

Sarah is the founder of Plenty Heirloom Farms, an educational non-profit and neighborhood farm located in Loveland, Colorado. In this episode, Sarah shares so many helpful gardening tips for starting your garden and helping it flourish. We cover the gardening process from starting seeds yourself (and why you should consider not buying your plants from a garden center) to amending your soil at home. 

#81: RV Life and Meal Planning with Stacy of Today is Someday

Stacy and Phil are the full-time RVers behind the YouTube channel, Today is Someday. Six years ago, they purchased an RV, sold their house, left their jobs, and drove off to explore the country! Stacy is an avid Plan to Eat customer and in this episode, we talk about how she meal plans and grocery shops while living in an RV. You’ll learn some helpful tips from Stacy for any small-living situation, but also some great pantry clean-out ideas for any house size.

Recent Articles from the Blog

Spring has sprung at Plan to Eat HQ! From the sweet scent of freshly mowed grass to vibrant flowers and sprouting plants, we’re excited about the season’s changes. We hope you enjoyed this month’s blogs! If you want to keep up with what we’re posting, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates. 

Updating Our Mental Models to Rethink Meal Planning 

Our mental models help us make sense of the world based on past experiences. Many people have past experiences with planning or organizational methods that give them reason to believe it doesn’t work for them. 

Is There Such a Thing as “Healthy” Sugar?

Is one more nutritious than another? Are any of them worse for health than others? And is there such a thing as “healthy” sugar?

TikTok-Inspired Easy Tortellini Recipe

This one pan tortellini is very easy and quick to make. And, it makes a lot…so it’s perfect for a large family (or a couple of really hungry teenagers!). 

From Chaos to Calm: How Meal Planning Frees Up Your Life

Beyond the tangible benefits of meal planning, you can feel a deep sense of peace from knowing you’re prepared.

Check Out the Latest Updates at Plan to Eat

We’re excited to share a few new features, including a shopping list search bar in the app, carousel mode for your recipes, and the recipe clipper browser extension!


  • Free 5-Day Event: We’re participating in the Ultimate Goal Getters Summit, a fully online event to help you live intentionally and fulfill your goals. Roni’s presentation is about the magic of meal planning, including how to get started and busting some planning myths! The summit runs from May 6th to 10th, 2024, so get signed up today!

Program Updates

The development team is working hard to make updates and add new features to both the desktop and mobile app versions of Plan to Eat!

Desktop Version

  • We addressed an issue where the correct serving size wouldn’t always display on planned recipes after adjusting the serving size.
  • We resolved an issue with ingredient scaling when viewing the original serving size of Friend’s recipes.
  • Our new browser extension was released on Firefox!

Mobile App

Turn on app auto-updates or update in App Store/Google Play to get the most recent version of the Plan to Eat app! This month we released app versions 3.2.2 – 3.2.4

  • We added a new carousel display option on the Recipe Book
  • We made a few small visual changes on the shopping list.
  • We moved the shopping list date range into the search bar so there is more room for your list.
  • We fixed a bug that was affecting the appearance of Nutritional Facts.
  • We updated the big blue bottom button so it looks more button-y!
  • We renamed the “Challenge” menus to “PTE Menus”.
  • We updated the recipe book scroller so the minimize UI does not affect the scroller inertia.
  • We updated the scroller so there is not a visual jump when loading pages with a saved scroll position.

Highlighted Reviews

“10 stars if it was an option. I’ve been meal planning for a long time. Have used everything from a notebook and binder to a special recipe reader before smartphones were a thing. But this app does it all. I love the cloud-based platform. It lets me work from my computer, which I prefer for the planning part. Then transitions flawlessly to my phone and my tablet to go shopping or cook in the kitchen. I tell everyone about it!” 

Leave a Google Play Review 

“I’m a grandmother who still has my old recipe card files and yet what do I now use? Plan to Eat! I’m very grateful for this efficient tool in my own kitchen and when on the road!! It’s quick and easy to save and share recipes. And I now have my Plan to Eat recipe file tucked away in my phone! It goes everywhere I go! “

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