Discover Hidden Gems – The Meal Planner

This month, we’re all about showing you some hidden gems of Plan to Eat! If you missed the last two posts, we’ve already covered some features related to the Shopping List and Recipe Book. Today, we’re focusing on some lesser-known Meal Planner features!

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Repeating Recipes

During the second half of 2023, we highlighted different methods for creating your meal plan (you can find the blog series here) and one of the most popular ways to create a meal plan is with recurring recipes.

We don’t have an exact feature to make recipes repeat on your calendar within Plan to Eat, but you can create a template that includes your recurring recipes and use it when you meal plan. You can create this planning template with the Menus feature and this video will give you a full how-to demonstration.

Bulk Edit Your Meal Plan

Sometimes life throws a curveball and there are weeks when you need to make big changes to your meal plan, like moving an entire week of meals, or swapping one day for another. On the website, you can create large scale changes with the Edit Plan Options and save time reworking your meal plan!

Add Leftovers to Your Freezer

We’re big fans of utilizing the freezer to batch-cook meals, but we often need to freeze food because there are leftovers we don’t want to waste. While the Plan to Eat Freezer doesn’t have a specific leftover function to signify you’re freezing leftovers, you can still retroactively add a recipe to your Freezer to keep track of it! Watch this video to learn the best way to add your leftover meals to the Freezer

The Freezer is one of our favorite features to use in Plan to Eat! Listen to our unique take on using the Freezer in this podcast episode

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