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February 2024 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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#76: Nutritional and Lifestyle Changes for Better Health with Christine Davis

Christine is a registered dietitian who helps professional women lose weight, increase energy, and boost their confidence. In this interview, Christine shares how she became a dietitian as a result of her experience with anxiety and depression. She shares how she healed herself through food and gives additional lifestyle changes we can all implement to improve our health.

#77: Reducing Anxiety Naturally and Mold Toxicity with Jodie of Healing Journey Services

Jodie is an anxiety expert on a mission to help women heal anxiety holistically so they can spend more time enjoying life and less time fearing it. Jodie shares her health and wellness journey from chronically ill to thriving! We talk about her struggle with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, mold toxicity, gut health, and anxiety. 

Recent Articles from the Blog

A great way to add variety to your meal plans is to replicate a recipe you love from a restaurant. Try your hand at making a copycat recipe with this month’s recipes from the blog! 

Cheeseburger Egg Rolls (Cheesecake Factory Copycat)

Cheeseburger Egg Rolls—an easy appetizer with juicy ground beef, sharp cheddar, and a crispy shell. A Cheesecake Factory-inspired treat perfect for game nights, family dinners, or any occasion that craves a fun twist!

Homemade Pizookie (BJ’s Copycat Recipe)

The name pizookie is a mash up between pizza and cookie… it’s basically a warm, gooey pizza-sized cookie topped with piles of ice cream. It’s so easy to replicate at home!

Grocery Shopping? Take These 8 Label Claims With a Grain of Salt

The front of the package is mostly about marketing, designed to attract your attention and get you to grab it. Package claims can be confusing at best and misleading at worst. Here are 8 claims to consider carefully.

Pen and Paper Planning in Your Pocket – Why You Should Switch to Digital!

While a pen-and-paper plan is helpful, I’m here to convince the pen-and-paper planners (or dry-erase and whiteboard planners) that digital planning is better…because it is better.

This Month

We’re offering four chances to win a free year of Plan to Eat! Each week in March we’re giving away a free year of Plan to Eat to app reviewers! Simply leave us a review in your app store (iOS or Android) and then email us a screenshot of your review! More info here!

Program Updates

The development team is working hard to make updates and add new features to both the desktop and mobile app versions of Plan to Eat!

Desktop Version

  • We fixed a bug that would sometimes set an incorrect recipe book URL when editing or closing a recipe modal.
  • We improved the functionality and performance of the custom autocomplete list of ingredient titles that are displayed when adding and editing recipe ingredients, shopping list items, and searching recipes by ingredient titles.

Mobile App

This month we released app versions 3.1.9 and 3.1.10

  • We fixed a rare bug that would crash the app when filtering recipe categories and typing a space for the first character.
  • We fixed a bug that was making it difficult to edit your email and password on the account page.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing some users to repeatedly log in.
  • We patched a bug that was causing some users to see duplicate recipes and grocery stores after closing and opening the app. (version 3.1.1 iOS only) 

Highlighted Reviews

“I love this app! I’ve tried so many other meal planning apps, and struggled with being limited to picking recipes from the app itself. I’d inevitably run out of recipes to try! I love that I can import recipes from online and add my own, and combine grocery lists.” 

Leave a Google Play Review 

“Plan To Eat has been my go to recipe and grocery app for years! I love having all of my recipes in one place and uploading recipes from a website is so easy. I’m a weekly meal planner and this app does all the thinking for me. Just put a recipe on the calendar and every ingredient is automatically added to my grocery shopping list. 10/10 highly recommend!”

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