It's here! The Plan to Eat app is ready for you to download in both the iOS and Android stores. We're thrilled to get it in your hands.


Building your award winning recipe book just got easier.  Plan to Eat’s Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) will save recipes to your Plan to Eat account while you are browsing the web and can be installed in most desktop browsers. We are really excited to announce that the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) is now also available for your iOS or Android devices! Adding recipes while […] . . .


By now, your Recipe Book may have a few hundred recipes saved in it. If you’re not there yet, give it time and you too will have a plethora of recipes to choose from. Once you’ve saved recipes to your account, added tags, and selected course categories, you may need to search your recipe book to […] . . .


We’re back with another blog post to help you learn more about a Plan to Eat feature that is imperative to getting your meals cooked and on the table: The Planner! In this instructional post we are going to cover all of the options that you have to work with and a few NEW and […] . . .


The Shopping List. This is a hot topic in our support site and one that I want to help you understand so that grocery shopping can be easier for you. With recent — and pretty exciting! — updates to the shopping list, I also wanted to put together a post that shows you what’s new, the basics of how […] . . .


For most of us meal planning is something we do to keep the wheels spinning on our household. Typically we are planning a week (or maybe two) of meals for the handful of people that we share a roof with. For me, my meal planning crash course began when I started cooking for several different […] . . .


When one finds out that they are unable to eat a certain food, the mind automatically goes to extremes. “I guess I’ll never eat ice cream again… There goes my favorite Friday pizza night.” It really is understandable to be dizzied by the murky future when you’ve only known a certain way of eating and […] . . .


   It’s the end of February, we’re just about to start our seedlings. Other than ferment jars, roots, and some pretty tough cilantro that keeps surviving our frosts; there’s not a whole lot growing on our little homestead. Like you, we’re enjoying plenty of soups with veggies and a dollop of kraut on the side. […] . . .


Wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday, mend on Wednesday… you remember how it goes in Little House on the Prairie, don’t you? And Saturday was baking day, Ma churning out loaves of bread, jars of cookies, and some real, lard or butter-filled pies. I love the idea of getting all of my baking done in […] . . .


When you next log into your Plan to Eat account you may notice a few changes. We are really excited to unveil our latest upgrades that will make meal planning easier than ever. Here is a quick overview:  Recipes With bigger images that are a uniform size, your recipes are now more organized and easier […] . . .