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May 2024 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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#82: Meal Prep and Going Vegan with Maddies of Let’s Eat Plants

Maddie’s YouTube videos share vegan recipes, meal prep ideas, and time-saving tips, and she even has a meal prep course for vegan beginners! I talked with Maddie about her experience going vegan and how she and her husband made that transition. We also got into a ton of meal prep and fresh produce tips! Maddie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to prepping food – you’re going to learn a lot in this episode!

#83: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Alli Powell

Alli Powell is the money-saving woman behind The Grocery Getting Girl! Alli and her husband started budgeting seriously in 2018 and she was able to cut her grocery bill in half with some budget-friendly planning. Alli joined me on the podcast to talk all about grocery budgeting and this episode is chock-full of tips! We cover how she found the time to start preparing food at home with two little kids and full-time jobs, how she price-shops different stores, and how she creates her budget meal plans.

Recent Articles from the Blog

This month, our spotlight was on “Build Your Own” Food Bars. These versatile ideas are perfect for hosting guests or allowing your family to customize their meals. We hope these “recipes” inspire some fun and creative summer dining!

Waffle Bar Party Ideas + Crisy Airy Waffle Recipe

The beauty of a waffle bar party lies in its versatility— from sweet to savory, simple to extravagant, there’s something to please every palate.

Build Your Own Parfait Bar + Homemade Granola Recipe

Make a batch of granola, grab your favorite yogurt, and lay out all of the fruity and crunchy toppings. Your crew will be sure to love it too!

4 Tips for Saving Money on Food This Summer

With a bit of creativity and some strategic planning, you can enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll explore four practical and unconventional tips to help you save money on food this summer.

Do You Have Too Many Food Rules?

Eating in a way that makes you feel good mentally and physically is a positive thing. But in some cases, a focus on healthy eating can go too far.

Don’t Miss These Updates from Plan to Eat!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced several new features to the app and website. These additions include bulk-adding ingredients and notes to the Planner and updates to the Cooking View!


  • #LifeSkillsNow Season 3 registration is open! We participated in Season 2 last year and heard so many good things from parents about the online courses for kids of all ages. The #LifeSkillsNow online summer camp is completely free, and it’s packed with over 100 fun, hands-on workshops covering everything from emotional intelligence to financial literacy to household chores and health and wellness. Register now and you’ll get instant access to over a dozen workshops right away. Then, during the free camp week June 24-28, new workshops will be added each day!

Program Updates

The development team is working hard to make updates and add new features to both the desktop and mobile app versions of Plan to Eat!

Desktop Version

  • We moved the recipe stats, including the times planned information, from the bottom of the recipe view to the top.
  • We added a date picker on the planner so you can easily jump to any date.
  • We updated the recipe search so filtering recipes by tags displays recipes with more tags at the top of the list.
  • When searching or filtering recipes, we now sort by relevance instead of course. Sorting by course can still be manually selected.
  • We now display recipe categories on recipe cards when filtering by category and sorting by relevance.

Mobile App

Turn on app auto-updates or update in App Store/Google Play to get the most recent version of the Plan to Eat app! This month we released app versions 3.2.6 – 3.3.1

  • We added bulk-add to the Planner to schedule multiple ingredients or notes at once.
  • We made a few minor visual adjustments to the new Shopping/Staples List bulk-edit features.
  • We enhanced the recipe modals by including the creation date, last update date, number of times planned, and number of times saved.
  • We added the ability to view basic HTML tags like bold, italics, and links in recipes, planned events, and shopping list items.
  • We made some enhancements to the Cooking View, Step-by-Step mode
  • We enabled route persistence so your app will reopen to where you left off in your last session.
  • We updated our offline storage engine to make the app feel much faster and more reliable.
  • We fixed the scroller height on the directions in the step-by-step cooking view mode.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the app to display duplicate recipes and grocery stores for a few users.

Highlighted Reviews

“Plan to Eat has made meal planning + prep so easy. From adding recipes directly online, to organizing our week, to getting a grocery list completed quickly, it has saved me so much time + money.” 

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“I’ve been using this app for several years, it’s just the best kitchen tool! Very user-friendly. Adding recipes is so easy and the planner makes shopping such a breeze! Gets even better with every update, the new adjustments to the cooking view are perfection!”

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