Level Up Your Meal Planning with These Features!

This month we’ve covered lesser known features in the Shopping List, Recipe Book, and Meal Planner to help you get the most out of your Plan to Eat account. Today, we’re rounding out the series with a few miscellaneous features you may find helpful in your planning and cooking routines.

over the shoulder shot of a woman holding a phone with recipe directions and updating the temp on an oven

Nutrition Calculation

In early 2023, we added a huge feature to the program: automated nutritional calculation! If you missed this feature announcement, you can read about it on our blog and you can see how easy it is to calculate the nutrition facts for a recipe in this video.

This feature is great if you are trying to reach daily macronutrient goals through meal planning or just keep track of that information on a regular basis. This feature also allows you to use Plan to Eat alongside common fitness tracking apps since you can quickly calculate the nutrition facts for homemade recipes.

The Cooking View

You can use the Cooking View to display an easy-to-read version of a recipe and keep your phone screen awake while cooking. And on the mobile app, you can switch between the cooking view of multiple recipes to read and cook more than one recipe at a time. To do this you need to have the recipes planned on the same day and in the same meal time. Watch a quick demo from our YouTube channel for how this works!

Plan to Eat has many features to help you control the nuances and details of your meal plans and recipes. We hope learning about more of these features over the past month helps you meal plan efficiently for many years to come!

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