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Don’t Miss These Updates from Plan to Eat!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced several new features to the app and website. These additions include bulk-adding ingredients and notes to the Planner and updates to the Cooking View!

Bulk-Add Ingredients and Notes!

We added the option to add multiple ingredients and notes to the Planner at once! You’ll see an Add Item button in the Plan Ingredient/Note modal to plan multiple items in one workflow.

We added this feature for times when you don’t need to plan a recipe, but still need to bulk-add ingredients for a meal on the Planner. You can now add multiple ingredients to a mealtime in fewer steps!

Cooking View Updates

The mobile cooking view has two updates in step-by-step mode: swiping between steps and separate sections for ingredients and directions. 

You can now swipe left or right on your screen to move through recipe steps instead of specifically tapping the next arrow. 

The directions and ingredients are separated into their own sections, allowing you to scroll through the ingredients while the directions stay static on the screen. You can also change the height of the boxes with the resizing handle to create a custom view.  

Tag Searching on the Website

Tags are now displayed by “Relevance” with the most relevant options appearing at the top of the list. You will see recipes with all Tags in your search at the top of the recipe book, rather than having them scattered throughout the search results. 

Our mission is to help you free up time, money, and mental space for more of what you love through the most flexible and functional meal-planning app available. We hope these new features help you do just that!

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