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January 2024 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Plan to Eat Podcast is serving up new episodes every other Wednesday! 
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Episode #73: Building Quality Nutrition Habits with Luke Smidt

Luke Smidt is a husband, father to 2 boys, career firefighter, former traveling nurse, CrossFit coach for eight years, and CEO/head coach of MacroLiving Wellness. Luke is an avid Plan to Eat user and he joined me on the podcast to discuss how he meal plans and encourages his clients to create healthy habits around food and meal planning. 

Episode #74: Root Causes of Sugar Addiction with Danielle Daem

Dani Daem is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Sugar Freedom Expert, and Somatic Embodiment Coach with a deep passion for helping women ditch the shame and guilt around food. We talk about what inspired her to become a sugar freedom expert and the root causes of sugar addiction. We dive into topics such as self-confidence, what we believe about ourselves, and how to heal our bodies through internal work.

Episode #75: American Food Culture and International Flavors with Emmanuel Laroche

Emmanuel hosts the popular podcast Flavors Unknown, featuring conversations with acclaimed and award-winning chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists. In this episode, we talk about the influence of his family and French culture on his career path and love for food. He explains how immigration not only shapes America’s food landscape but also how food serves as a bridge between a chef’s birth country and their adopted home.

Recent Articles from the Blog

It’s been a big month on the blog! We have a new blogger writing for us in 2024, Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition, check out her post below. And we dove into many lesser-known features of Plan to Eat. Enjoy all the good reads from this month!

Your New Year’s Resolution: Eat More!

So many New Year’s resolutions center around eating less food. Swearing off sugar. Cutting out carbs. Healthwise, the intentions are good. But the all-or-nothing approach is a recipe for feeling like a failure.

Budget-Friendly Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Risotto 

You don’t need really fancy ingredients to make an elegant dish. This recipe uses economical plain white rice and other wallet-smart selections. 

Top 5 Episodes of the Plan to Eat Podcast in 2023

We had so many interesting people on the podcast in 2023 and we hope to serve up more delicious interviews in 2024! Thanks for downloading, subscribing, and leaving reviews!

Plan to Eat Hacks – The Shopping List

This post digs into lesser-known features of the Plan to Eat Shopping List. We show you how to use the app to keep a kitchen inventory, standardized ingredient names for better merging, and how to remove common ingredients from your list. 

Make the Most of Plan to Eat – The Recipe Book

Learn how to scan text from pictures to quickly import recipes from cookbooks and magazines! And how to sort and group your recipes using the Queue for more efficient meal planning. 

Discover Hidden Gems – The Meal Planner

Review this post to learn how to create repeating recipes on your Planner, bulk edit your meal plan when you need to make large-scale changes, and add leftovers to the Plan to Eat Freezer. 

Level Up Your Meal Planning with These Features!

We rounded out our series on Plan to Eat features by showing you how to automatically calculate nutrition data for your recipes and how to cook two recipes at once with the Cooking View. 


4-Week Meal Planning Challenge: Join us in February for a 4-week meal planning challenge! You’ll receive a weekly email to remind you to create your meal plan and tips to inspire and motivate you. We’re also including a couple of giveaways for those who participate! Learn more and sign up here

Program Updates

The development team is working hard to make updates and add new features to both the desktop and mobile app versions of Plan to Eat!

Desktop Version

We made multiple user-interfacing updates to the website planner, including:

  • We added a gray background for past days on the planner.
  • We add dotted lines between mealtime sections.
  • Darkened the section headings, e.g. Dinner, Lunch, etc.
  • We improved the UI for the popup tips on planned recipes and events.
  • We shrunk the padding on planned events so you can see more information at once. 
  • We added back the blue outlines on prep notes when hovering over the associated recipe.
  • We also fixed a bug where adding new ingredients for a recipe on the planner was not picking the correct grocery category and store for the new shopping list items.

Mobile App

This month we released app versions 3.1.7 and 3.1.8

  • When in the cooking view overview mode, your scroll position is remembered as long as the view is open. When in step-by-step mode, your current step is remembered for the remainder of the current calendar day.
  • We fixed a bug that was removing an image from a recipe when the user would duplicate a recipe.
  • We modified the behavior of the “edit-recipe-categories” page. Now, newly added categories should be auto-selected after creation, and the page should scroll to the selected item when applicable. Change is applied to “Courses”, “Cuisines”, and “Main Ingredient” but not Tags
  • We added a filter feature to the categories page. Now, when you type into the input, the list is filtered to show only matching items. The add new category feature was not changed by this addition.
  • We made a change to the way new notifications appear in the menu, making them distinct from older notifications.
  • We fixed a typo on the welcome screen.
  • Added a feature to display the percent daily values of the nutrition below each recipe.
  • We are no longer capitalizing all units on the shopping and staples lists. For example, now we display mL instead of ML, and fl oz instead of FL Oz.
  • We patched some bugs that were causing the app to crash for a handful of users.
  • We updated the interface colors so they are slightly more vibrant.

Highlighted Reviews

“Household Grocery/Meal Harmony is within reach. This app makes planning, shopping and cooking so much easier, especially if you’re splitting the work across people. Meal planning is a breeze, and automatically generated shopping lists where the quantities of items across recipes are auto-combined into a single shopping entry is amazing. ” 

Leave a Google Play Review 

“Plan to Eat is so easy to use. I can download recipes from my phone directly to the app. I can plan what I want to eat and then it will give me a shopping list of all ingredients. I just have to check what ingredients I have in my kitchen and easily delete them from the list. “

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