This January Plan to Eat is hosting the Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge, a 28-day challenge to help you start your own meal planning routine in 2017. The Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge will teach you how to make freeze-ahead meals for an entire week’s worth of dinners using just a few hours in the […] . . .


We’re honored that so many of you have chosen to join us for the first ever Plan to Eat Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge! It’s time to get started planning, shopping and prepping for week one! We’ve put together a quick 5:00 video that walks you through how to use Plan to Eat for week one: […] . . .


We have the perfect opportunity to make 2017 the year that meal planning becomes a part of your life! Join us for Plan to Eat’s Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge.


This is the time of year that I get several requests to talk about managing big, holiday meals. Everyone wants the best tips for navigating the buffet table or they want to know how much pie they can eat. While those are great questions, they aren’t what I love to talk about this time of […] . . .


It’s coming! Plan to Eat’s 2016 Black Friday Weekend sale will start on November 25th and run through November 28th. Get 50% OFF your yearly subscription to Plan to Eat during this annual sale — even if you already have a subscription! That’s only $19.50 (or $1.60 a month) for a full year of organization, peace […] . . .


Cereal is a delicious way to start your day. It’s also easy and fast, which means your meal is ready in a matter of minutes. But one thing you should know before you dig in – not all cereals are created equal. Fancy labels with sophisticated ingredients can lure you in, allowing you to overlook […] . . .


In this installment of Tips & Tricks, we want to show you the multiple ways that you can access your Shopping List. Once you have created and customized your Shopping List, it is time to go shopping! If you ask me, this is the best part. I know my list is made up of the […] . . .


It’s bound to happen — at around 10:00 pm, you start to feel hungry. You ate dinner, but for some reason, those hunger pangs start to kick in. You know it’s probably too late for that bowl of ice cream, but it’s what you want – it’s what you’re belly wants. But is it? Instead of giving […] . . .


I hear it all of the time, “Joe won’t eat his broccoli, how can I get him to at least try it?” Just so you know, Joe (who can also be Sue) is either a full-grown adult, a teenager or a child. Many people (of all ages!) are averse to vegetables and balk as soon […] . . .


For those of you coming to Plan to Eat from other recipe software, we have a new feature that will make your transition to Plan to Eat a little easier. We’re thrilled to unveil it to you!  Our newest feature, Import recipes from files, allows you to import recipe files that have been exported from […] . . .