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December 2023 Monthly Recap & Updates

Recent Podcast Episodes

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Episode #71: Regenerative Farming and Lectin-Light Chicken with Dan Walter

A mechanical engineer turned regenerative farmer, Dan Walter has changed his career and lifestyle to raise healthy, nutritious food from his farm, Pastured Steps Family Farm in Midlothian, TX. Pastured Steps Family Farm operates with an emphasis on regenerative farming practices to promote soil health and animal welfare.

Episode #72: How Meal Planning Can Evolve with Former Co-host, Riley

Special guest and former Plan to Eat Podcast co-host, Riley, is back on today’s episode! Riley is on the podcast to talk about how her meal planning has changed and evolved over the past year. We cover what it means to simplify a meal-planning habit, ways to make dinnertime less effortful, and why creating a meal-planning habit before life gets crazy is important.

Recent Articles from the Blog

Happy New Year! We love the fresh feeling of a new planner and wall calendar, but we won’t trade our tried and true meal plans for anything. Here’s to another great year of recipes and planning inspiration!

Does Meal Planning Feel Overwhelming?

Meal planning doesn’t need to overwhelm you! Just like anything else, meal planning is a habit you can practice and get better at over time. As growth mindset expert Carol Dweck says, “You don’t know what your abilities are until you make a full commitment to developing them.”

Granny Fran’s Christmas Fudge Recipe

This is my grandmother-in-love’s tried and true, old timey fudge recipe and you would be remiss to not give it a try. It may take you a batch (or four) to get it just right, but once you figure this out you’ll be hooked!

Easy Sparkling Holiday Punch Recipe

This non-alcoholic punch recipe is going to be my solution for pleasing all the party-goers! The bonus…a large punch bowl filled with the perfect holiday drink and festooned with seasonal fruit and garnishes makes an instant centerpiece and imparts extra holiday spirit!

How to Meal Plan: Maximizing Leftovers

We each have a different style of meal planning to suit our family’s needs and lifestyle and hopefully this blog series has helped you discover a new way of planning or validated your tried and true methods! Today, we’re rounding out the series by seeing how to use leftovers as the foundation of your meal plans.

4 Helpful Resources for Learning to Cook

A lack of cooking skills is a barrier to meal planning for many people. And being able to cook homemade meals is a great goal for anyone who wants to move away from takeout and pre-made food. 


Free Meal Planning Course: We are running The Learning Series again starting January 8th! Join us for 5-weeks of email lessons (no need to “show up” for any of the lessons!) and two live Q&As to learn more about all the features of Plan to Eat.

Free Sugar Freedom Bootcamp: In mid-January, we are having Danielle Daem on the Plan to Eat Podcast. Dani is a sugar freedom expert and is hosting a free Sugar Freedom Bootcamp this month. If one of your New Year’s goals revolves around less sugar or healthier eating, check out this free 3-day bootcamp!

Program Updates

Our team slows down on feature releases during the holidays, but the development team is still working hard to fix bugs and build new features for the mobile app and website! Look for some new updates in early 2024!

Highlighted Reviews

“I love being able to so easily save recipes from the web, love that the screen stays on while I’m cooking. The calendar and planner features are also fantastic. It’s all so easy to use!” 

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“I have been using this app for many years and it just keeps getting better and better! It syncs across all my devices, I am able to seamlessly add recipes from any number of sources, plan meals and have my shopping list at my finger tips whenever I find myself at the store. Love love love this app!!”

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