The two breakfast dishes I tried on my family this past week are from the casserole category known as a “strata”. Think of a casserole as a dish that is all mixed together and baked (like a tuna casserole) and a strata as a dish that is layered into the pan and baked (like a […] . . .


As I work my way through my recipe stash, I keep finding themes. Snack bars were definitely one of them. Blueberry muffins, pumpkin pie, and butternut squash soup are a few of the others. And so is this week’s stash busting effort: breakfast casseroles. I found five different recipes in my stash, and decided that […] . . .


I confess that our family does love a good casserole, and this one was no exception. The kiddos the Sweetie Pie husband all agreed that it was delicious, and I’m thrilled to have two more in the freezer! It seems like a pretty predictable casserole recipe, but the cream sauce is homemade, not from a […] . . .


You can’t really call this a shepherd’s pie. It’s made with beef, which I guess would technically make it a “rancher’s pie”. But if you say “rancher’s pie”, no one knows what you’re talking about. So I’m sticking with shepherd’s pie for now. This dish has been in my family recipe file for so long […] . . .


I know I’ve sampled a lot of casseroles from More with Less. Can you bear just one more? Then I’ll do my best to move on to another chapter. This one was a big hit with the family, and I really wished I could have eaten it, too. I thought the idea of using hard-boiled […] . . .


If the day-before-Thanksgiving in your house looks anything like the day-before-Thanksgiving in our house, you probably haven’t put much thought into what’s for dinner tonight. Probably, you’re thinking you’ll order a pizza, or make a trip to the closest taco cart. May I make a suggestion? The Sweetie Pie and the Sweet Pea made this […] . . .


I had doubts about this dish. My doubts were similar to doubts I’ve had about other recipes in More with Less. It just sounded too simple to taste good. Once again, though, my doubts were unfounded. My family ate this up without complaint, asked for seconds, and even requested the leftovers for lunch the next […] . . .


Start This Recipe about 10 hours before you want to eat it Dinner Table Rating 1 thumb per family member Cook’s Rating Accessibility of ingredients, ease of preparation, and affordability This recipe was my attempt to make lemons out of lemonade. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! Last week I shared with you about my unsuccessful foray […] . . .


I used to be willing (and able) to put a lot of time and effort into cooking. I truly love to eat good food, and the only way to eat the kind of food I wanted to eat was to make it myself. So I did. And it was fun. I didn’t have a “real” […] . . .