I’ve been drinking hibiscus tea every morning for the past couple months.  As the temperature’s been climbing I’ve been thinking about how to turn my favorite morning habit into something suitable for hot, desert mornings.  I experimented with a half-and-half concoction of iced hibiscus tea and fresh-squeezed lemonade.  It was as delicious as I’d hoped […] . . .


I got a cheese making kit in the mail a few weeks ago, which I was so excited to rifle through and examine. I love getting new tools and materials for projects.  It’s the same feeling as getting a new, clean notebook for the start of school.  Everything came so neatly labeled and organized.  I […] . . .


I really do let the kids eat these for breakfast.  Or any time they want, for that matter! . . .


I swap dinner with a neighbor two nights a week.  Monday and Wednesday I cook.  Tuesday and Thursday I eat bon bons and paint my toenails.  It’s the perfect arrangement because we eat very similarly and she is an excellent cook.  Her son is allergic to peanuts, so I’ve adapted our family’s favorite spicy peanut […] . . .


We had garlic scapes for the first time and we are converted! I am a serious garlic lover and I didn’t think anything could be more delicious than garlic.  But, given the choice, I think I might just choose garlic scapes over the regular kind.  Especially if they’re cooked like this. . . .


We’ve made our fair share of sauerkraut, but I was never completely in love with the flavor.  I couldn’t get it to taste as good as the stuff from the store (we get the raw kind, but it can get really pricey!), until the last two batches which turned out so delicious.  Here’s how I […] . . .


I tried making mayonnaise once upon a time, but it turned out runny and gross.  I think the trouble was that I made it in the Vita-Mix: too much power.  A girlfriend recently made some though, and insisted that it was easy as pie (way easier, actually).  So, I gave it another go, this time […] . . .


I wrote an article for a local food magazine, Edible Wasatch, about summer popsicles. As it turns out, the Frog Egg Popsicle recipe makes a darn good Frog Egg Pudding too! . . .


I have been really craving these!  Seven-layer bars take me back to being a kid.  Unfortunately there are some things that I used to love that I just can’t eat anymore, not because I’m so virtuous, but simply because when I eat too much sugar it hits me like a freight train!  Instant headache, sore […] . . .


I’d read in Wild Fermentation that once upon a time, condiments were digestive aids rather than vehicles for excess fat, sugar and salt in our diet.  I’d always wanted to try some cultured condiments and Jenny, over at the Nourished Kitchen, posted a rather enticing recipe for real ketchup.  Her post made it look so […] . . .