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No Sugar Cookie Roundup

The holidays can be stressful for many reasons, wonderful too, of course.  But they can be particularly hard on us physically, lots of extra racing around, added responsibilities, and yes, stress.  Add to that an influx of irresistible sugary treats and it’s the perfect storm.  No wonder so many people get sick this time of year!  We try to limit the damage here by sticking to our (mostly) no-sugar rule, even for treats.

I’ve been slowly collecting delicious, no sugar (just unrefined sweeteners: honey, molasses, maple syrup, maybe a little sucanat) cookie recipes.  These are the ones that health nuts like me AND regular folks think are delicious, the all-around winners:)  I thought I’d round them all up for you, just in time for the holiday cookie baking madness!  I’ve starred the ones that we’ve tried and loved; the others are still awaiting the taste test…

Clean eating almond honey cookies

*Peanut butter brownies

No sugar oat drops

Carrot cake breakfast cookie

*Sesame cookies (We have these on Christmas Eve and they’re fantastic!)

Healthy peppermint patties

*Our new favorite lemon squares

Almond butter blackberry jam thumbprint cookies

*Molasses spice cookies.  These are one of our favorites that I make again and again.  The recipe was in last year’s winter issue of Edible Wasatch.

*Raw pecan bars (these taste quite similar to pecan pie; I like to make them in a pie tin instead of a square dish.)

I find that the best way to avoid eating junky holiday treats, and consequently making yourself sick and miserable, is to keep some healthy treats on hand.  It’s hard to remain virtuous when you’re surrounded by tempting treats, so let yourself indulge, but keep it sensible:)

Now tell me, what are YOUR best no sugar cookie recipes?  I am always looking for new and delicious treats to try:)

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