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The Great Scapes

We had garlic scapes for the first time and we are converted! I am a serious garlic lover and I didn’t think anything could be more delicious than garlic.  But, given the choice, I think I might just choose garlic scapes over the regular kind.  Especially if they’re cooked like this.

All we did was roast them and it was perfection!  Okay, it would have been perfection if I had remembered to put the lid on at the beginning, not halfway through, but they were still pretty amazing.

They’re garlicky, but milder, and the taste is smoother.  It doesn’t have the sharpness or bite of regular garlic. They went really well with these asparagus and gruyere tarts and fruit kombucha.

Have you had garlic scapes?  Are you crazy in love with them too?  How do you cook them?

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