Getting ice cream is one of the great joys of summer, and as we wind down the season it seems a great time to fit in at least one more cold, creamy treat. But my husband and son aren’t able to share it with us, so much of the joy is lost for our family. . . .


About eight years ago we began to look into eating organic foods. I was, up until that point, a bargain shopper, stocking our freezer with $.69/lb chicken and filling our fruit bowl with whatever was cheapest. Once we began to learn more about our industrialized food system, we started taking a look at what we . . .


Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to tasty food. I am generally a lover of bold flavors, especially this time of year. Spicy salsas with fresh garden tomatoes, flavorful zucchini dishes, and an abundance of raw vegetables dipped and dressed with pungent flavorings. These are all part of how we’re eating as we . . .


I was shelling our black-eyed peas while sipping on a quart jar of tea the other day and the irony of that whole scene was a bit comical. I live deep in the heart of Texas but I most definitely do not fit the bill of a southern woman… even when surrounded by tea and . . .


There are only so many ways to eat ground beef before you get bored, right? There’s hamburgers, spaghetti, tacos, stir-fry, soup, and stew. And then I’m out of ideas. Most of our meat is ground beef, because that is the most economical way to buy grass-fed beef in these parts, so as you might imagine, . . .


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the different “diet” types, how our family has dabbled in a bit of them all, and where we fall on the continuum. At one point or another we’ve been grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-fat, high-fat, low-carb, high-raw and just about any other hyphenated eating habit you can think of. . . .


When we have grocery stores lined with everything imaginable and the ability to buy many of these things, it’s hard to imagine a culture who couldn’t afford wheat flour for bread, or who might simply choose not to buy it. Instead, the independent people of Appalachia subsisted on mostly homegrown foods with a few staples . . .


  It’s just about the hottest part of the year for all of us, isn’t it? And I don’t know about you, but I am not turning my oven on if I have a choice in the matter. That said, we still need to eat and for those of us who consume grains, homemade is . . .


When I discovered lacto-fermentation seven years ago now, my mind was blown. What do you mean I can make delicious pickles without boiling everything good out of them and heating up my kitchen?! Not only that, but they can have more of the benefits of a raw, living food. I felt like my whole life . . .


I headed out to the garden before the hot summer sun could fully take its toll. I found our Swiss chard standing high, begging to be picked. Between the beets and beans, the former peeking their roots out from the soil and the latter preparing to flower, I bent down and plucked the stems one . . .