Am I the only one who cannot seem to pull it together for breakfast? Sometimes I think I am when I hear about the exciting things others are serving up. I’ve tried them all – eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes. These are our usual breakfast items and they have suited us well. Except, for some reason, . . .


I think it’s easy to get so bogged-down with the zealotry of idealism that we are too overwhelmed to just do what needs doing. I’ve found this to be true here on our homestead. We want so badly to be producing our own vegetables, meats, eggs, and dairy but we also need to live in . . .


When looking for something both new and versatile to add to our meal repertoire, I came upon the concept of sopes. These little cups are made with masa flour and are often fried to create a flavor not unlike a tortilla chip. After that they are stuffed with a variety of Mexican-inspired flavors and served . . .


Besides broccoli, I know of no vegetable that brings on fear and loathing like the Brussels sprout. They’re so cute, the children say, like tiny little cabbages. And then they sit down and eat one and vow to never eat (or smell) those things again. That’s how I felt for a long time so I . . .


I know it’s time to change things up at breakfast when pancakes and eggs are sniffed at. I’m not sure why but breakfast is often the hardest meal of the day to keep interesting. Dinners and lunches are all over the place and provide a lot of room to play with, but breakfast feels redundant . . .


When my oldest son, now eight, was a baby I distinctly remember trying to get him to eat my pureed cauliflower from a little colorful baby spoon. It did not go well and I thought I was doomed to a life of vegetable-free children. Looking back I can see why that ground up over-boiled cauliflower . . .


I’m sure this is old hat for vegetarians, but since we’ve cut back on our meat consumption over the past few years I’ve had to get creative. I try to include some protein at every meal and, more often than not it’s meat, eggs, or beans. Which means that we actually eat beans almost every . . .


Shortbread is definitely my favorite cookie. It isn’t sickeningly sweet, like most cookies, and they are dead simple to make. So dead simple, in fact, that the other day I decided I could take a quick glance at a recipe and then go from there. I had barley flour, so I decided I’d use that . . .


Nearly two years ago I wrote about dealing with scratch cooking burnout. Even us die hard real foodies get a case of burnout every now and then and, judging from the comments, there are quite a few of us dealing with it. Besides the fact that I cook 98% of our meals at home, I . . .


This past week I strolled through our gardens, surprised at those vegetables still giving despite our recent triple digit temperatures. I snapped off okra pods, pulled black-eyed peas at the green bean stage, and came back up to the house to make dinner. I made gumbo earlier this summer when our okra was a bit . . .