We are in week 2 of Plan to Eat’s Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge, the 30-day challenge to help you start your own meal planning routine. This challenge will show you how you can make freeze-ahead meals for an entire week’s worth of dinners, with extras in the freezer, and it’s not too late to […] . . .


We’re honored that so many of you have chosen to join us for the first ever Plan to Eat Make Ahead Meal Plan Challenge! It’s time to get started planning, shopping and prepping for week one! We’ve put together a quick 5:00 video that walks you through how to use Plan to Eat for week one: […] . . .


In this installment of Tips & Tricks, we want to show you the multiple ways that you can access your Shopping List. Once you have created and customized your Shopping List, it is time to go shopping! If you ask me, this is the best part. I know my list is made up of the […] . . .


For those of you coming to Plan to Eat from other recipe software, we have a new feature that will make your transition to Plan to Eat a little easier. We’re thrilled to unveil it to you!  Our newest feature, Import recipes from files, allows you to import recipe files that have been exported from […] . . .


Building your award winning recipe book just got easier.  Plan to Eat’s Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) will save recipes to your Plan to Eat account while you are browsing the web and can be installed in most desktop browsers. We are really excited to announce that the Recipe Clipper (Bookmark) is now also available for your iOS or Android devices! Adding recipes while […] . . .


By now, your Recipe Book may have a few hundred recipes saved in it. If you’re not there yet, give it time and you too will have a plethora of recipes to choose from. Once you’ve saved recipes to your account, added tags, and selected course categories, you may need to search your recipe book to […] . . .


We’re back with another blog post to help you learn more about a Plan to Eat feature that is imperative to getting your meals cooked and on the table: The Planner! In this instructional post we are going to cover all of the options that you have to work with and a few NEW and […] . . .


The Shopping List. This is a hot topic in our support site and one that I want to help you understand so that grocery shopping can be easier for you. With recent — and pretty exciting! — updates to the shopping list, I also wanted to put together a post that shows you what’s new, the basics of how […] . . .


Those who meal plan consistently share a few secret benefits that the rest of the world is missing out on: they make fewer trips to the grocery store, they spend less money on food, they waste less food, and they have the peace of mind of knowing what is for dinner. However, one of the […] . . .


I have added hundreds of recipes to my Plan to Eat account over the years.  I don’t even come close to the amount that some of you have added, but I add new recipes daily and I am genuinely excited to cook them! The problem with having so many recipes is that I forget about them […] . . .