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Customer Stories: Jenn

In 2018, we had a blog series called “Customer Stories,” where we interviewed several of you and shared your Plan to Eat stories with the world. You are all so incredible and it’s an honor for us to give you a service that can help you and your families eat better, save money, and save time! For that series, we interviewed a customer name Jenn. (You can read Jenn’s interview here.) She followed up with us this year to share how she is using Plan to Eat for more than just meal planning and we were thrilled to be able to share this with you too. We hope Jenn’s method can spark new ideas in how you can utilize our platform to get organized in multiple areas of your life!

Jenn’s Story:

I wanted to share with you something PTE has done for me that is beyond meal planning. I have four boys and a very crazy hectic life so I have to make lists FOR EVERYTHING. This helps but once all my boys learned to read it became harder and harder to hide the list so they couldn’t find it but I could remember where I put it. So last Christmas I created in the PTE app a store for every one of my boys and used that for their Christmas list and best part I could check it off but not delete and this meant if I was at a store shopping I could check and see if I had already purchased it! 

Flash forward to this year’s school shopping….My four boys are in THREE different schools and so you can imagine the amount of lists and supplies I have to keep track of. So I created two stores on my stores list. One was for all the actual supplies and called the store School Supply List and the other Back to School for things like who needs backpacks, socks, shoes and what size etc.  Having all the supplies needed in one spot means when I go to Target, Walmart, Office Max, etc I know exactly where my school supply list is and I can just pull it up! I just thought you’d like to know PTE is so much more than just meal planning. Thank you again SO much!

About Jenn:

My name’s Jenn and I’m a wife, and mother to four boys ranging in ages from 9 to 15. I’m a substitute teacher and active in our local PTA board. Our boys all have various interests but a common one is FOOD and as more of them approach the teen years, I find myself planning for and buying more food. I’ve been using Plan to Eat for 2 and a half years and it has saved me hours of my life.

What used to take several hours every couple weeks getting all of my recipes together, deciding what to make on what days, making lists of ingredients from all of those recipes – now takes me less than an hour! I’m not a big fan of technology and I’m usually more of a paper and pen kind of person, but the help videos on Plan To Eat’s website made it so incredibly easy to navigate and it’s the one piece of technology I’m happy to have.

If you’ve been inspired by Jenn’s story and you would like to try meal planning with Plan to Eat for yourself, click here to give it a try. No credit card required, and there’s no obligation (or pressure) to buy.

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