We’ve partnered with Milo to bring you an incredible fall cooking challenge and (huge) giveaway, “Let’s Go Dutch.”

This challenge introduces you to a brand of beautiful enameled cast iron cookware and 14 new delicious recipes. (We reviewed their products and love them!) We can’t wait for you to join the challenge!

Milo has put together an amazing array of recipes for this challenge. Some of the recipes include: Milo Magic Bars, Mushroom Risotto, Corn Pudding, Kale & White Bean Stew, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata! The variety is wide and quite delicious! These recipes can all be accessed through a Plan to Eat account and connecting with the Let’s Go Dutch Challenge!

Don’t have cast iron? Don’t worry! All of these recipes can be easily cooked in cookware you already have and one lucky winner will receive a 5-piece cast iron cookware set of your very own.

 The Prize Package

A 5-piece cookware set from Milo ($225)

A LIFETIME subscription to Plan to Eat (priceless) We have never offered this before!

Bag Mockup

A Plan to Eat Grocery Tote ($30)

1. Enter the Giveaway:

2. Then join the Challenge:

Visiting the Challenge Page will add all of the challenge recipes into your account under the Challenges tab. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one by going to the challenge page. 

Milo has been kind enough to offer a 15% discount for anyone who is participating in our challenge this month! Use PTE15 at checkout through the end of October! 


The Giveaway Fine Print

By participating in the “Let’s go Dutch” Fall Challenge you are entering and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Open to residents of the U.S. 18+ (we apologize to those of you outside the US!)
  • Opening date: 10/07/2019 08:00 am MST
  • Ending date: 10/16/2019 11:59 pm MST
  • Giveaway sponsored by Plan to Eat, Inc. All rights reserved. 411 N Railroad Ave, Loveland, Colorado 80537 and Milo.
  • 1 winner will win all of the prizes of the giveaway: ($225) 5-piece cast iron cookware set from Milo,  Lifetime Subscription of Plan to Eat, ($39 per year!) a Plan to Eat canvas shopping bag ($30),
  • The winner will receive all of these items, mailed separately, through US Mail.
  • 1 winner will be chosen at random from all of the accounts that are linked through a connection to the “Let’s go Dutch” Plan to Eat account.
  • Plan to Eat will contact the winner via email.

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404 Responses

  1. Hi Christi! If you are connected to the challenge account, this is considered a friendship. I will update the fine print to clarify!

  2. Good Luck to everyone. Absolutely love Plan to Eat. It has helped us to eat better, save money at the grocery store by meal planning and we’ve tried some amazing recipes submitted by others. Thank you so much for a great program.

  3. Plan to Eat has been a total game changer!! Having a cast iron cookware set would absolutely bring things to the next level!

  4. Did my entry to the contest go through? I am not sure if when I clicked the entry went through.
    Margie Kiser.
    This set of Cookware is Awesome! I do not have any pans right now, and no income to buy any. And I do Love to Cook!

  5. I found my love of bread baking from using a cast iron dutch oven to make artisan bread. I have started to venture more into other uses of cast iron and would love to win this set to enable me to experiment more with cast iron cooking. The Milo set looks to be of great quality and value and would be a welcome addition to my kitchen.

    I find the Plan to Eat app and website invaluable tools to my life and they enable me to more efficiently plan meals as well as track items I already have (in the freezer). I will continue to use this website and if I win the lifetime subscription I would be able to gift an additional subscription to family and friends that I believe would greatly benefit from this tool.

  6. I’d like to win this prize pack because our last child is turning 18 this year, and I’m finally going to start cooking up some different, adult-like meals for my husband and I!

  7. Cooking for 7 – 7 days a week! My pot and pans are SHOT! My people would love some new recipes and I would love some new cookware!

  8. Can’t wait to try all these: Milo Magic Bars, Mushroom Risotto, Corn Pudding, Kale & White Bean Stew, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata!

  9. I’d really like to win because I love using Plan to Eat, and really need some new cookware to replace my worn-out press and pans.

  10. I’m attempting to east out less often and cook healthier meals at home. I’ve only used cast iron on camping trips and would love to bring quality cast iron into my kitchen and begin using with PTE recipes.

  11. As a homeschooling, volunteering, working mom & wife it’s easy.to fall into not meal planning. Eating healthy is a top priority for our family. This will help in our journey

  12. I love cast iron cookware, and would love to have a new set! I also use Plan to Eat as a convenient way to meal plan, but also to keep track of all the great recipes that I find on the internet.

  13. One of my goals this year has been to cook more at home rather than eat out. I’d like to win this prize package because this cooking set will replace my old worn-out pots and pans and give me new inspiration in the kitchen. I have loved using Plan To Eat over the years for recipes and meal planning, so a lifetime subscription would be amazing!

  14. I have some traditional cast iron pans, but no enameled cast iron. Something I have thought about getting, but have never done. It would be great to get a whole set!!

  15. I love using Plan to Eat for my meal planning! And I have just started to use cast iron for cooking and would love to use it more and for baking breads!

  16. I would love a new Dutch oven, use it a lot! Plan to Eat is awesome, makes storing recipes and planning meals so easy! I’m excited to try these recipes.

  17. I’d love to win this challenge because of the lifetime membership!!!! I LOVE Plan to Eat! I’d also love to have the new set of cookware. It looks fabulous!

  18. I’m excited to try some of these recipes. I fell in love with cast iron again after I got an induction cooktop on my range. These are beautiful pieces!

  19. I grew up with cast iron pans. I can even remember going to my great-grandmother’s house and seeing hers always on the stove. I would love to a real set, and a pretty one. I have one black cast iron pan that I use for eggs. I’d like to be able to use them more. And I love Plan to Eat. I tell everyone I can how it’s helped me.

  20. I would love to win because I’ve recently fallen in love with cast iron cookware, but only have one piece! This looks amazing!

  21. I would love to win this 5 piece set in order to get started with using cast iron cookware. I have not been able to make the investment yet.

  22. I love cooking on cast iron when we go camping and I’ve been wanting to get a nice cast iron set for my home kitchen! This set looks amazing! I love Plan to Eat and I use it every week to plan meals and shop for our family of five! Thank you for this opportunity to win the Dutch set and a lifetime membership to Plan to Eat!

  23. Dutch Oven cooking is my absolute favorite during the fall and winter! I’d love to win this package because you can never have enough enameled cast iron in the kitchen. 🙂

  24. Dude I have been doing Plan to Eat for almost a year now. I’ve never seen the Challenges before! A girl can never have enough cast iron!! SO excited! I love the new changes btw.

  25. I didn’t learn how to cook growing up, so I’m always excited to learn more. Having the right tools makes a big difference!

  26. I love the Plan to Eat app …. it has been a life-changer as far as organizing all recipes on one place, meal planning and shopping.

  27. I’d like to win this prize package because I’ve wanted a beautiful enameled cast iron for a long time and I have 4 teenage sons who eat a LOT of food, and I love to serve them nutritious, homemade meals.

  28. I work 80 hrs a week on our 100 cow dairy farm. Being able to come in and make dinner with such a beautiful set of pots while using my Plan to Eat recipes would bring a smile to my face and a bounce to step.

  29. Plan to Eat has transformed my life in the kitchen, along with my budget and my time at the grocery store! I’m working on replacing my cookware with healthy, safe and quality options. This Milo collection would make an amazing addition!

  30. Wow! I love using enameled cast iron cookware (I guess I’m just not enough of an adult to properly season the non-enameled stuff), but my collection is still very limited. I’d love to give these gorgeous pieces a try! And, a *lifetime* subscription to Plan To Eat?! When PTE came into my life right before I had my second kid, it was like someone had read my mind and transcribed it directly to a set of user requirements. Everything I need, nothing I don’t. I love it!

  31. I would love to win this cookware because I love my cast iron and this cookware seems to take it a step ahead. Also a life time of PTE…priceless!!!

  32. Cooking from scratch is my thing! I wish Plan To Eat had come into my life a lot earlier. My recipe collection would be gigantic! I can’t wait to try the Easy Sourdough recipe. Good luck to everyone.

  33. I’ve been looking into cast iron to replace my pots and pans I’ve had for 15 years or more. I have one very large skillet but would love other sizes for everyday use.

  34. I’d love to win this challenge as my cookwear is so old and we just finished a kitchen remodel. I love cooking with cast iron – but can’t justify the expense right now!

  35. I love cast iron cookware. I just don’t think I use them to their full potential. I’m looking forward to trying some new & hopefully challenging recipes!

  36. I just got my first cast iron skillet and OMGOODNESS it makes such a difference in my cooking!! I’d love to win to add to my collection!

  37. I love dutch oven cooking, and it’s a perfect challenge for fall! I would be so stoked to win this challenge so i can perfect new recipes for my forthcoming food blog. Thank Plan to Eat and Milo Cookware for this opportunity!

  38. I had an enameled cast iron pan that cracked several years ago and I still haven’t replaced it! This set looks amazing. Also these recipes look great!

  39. I would love to win new pots & pans since a few of mine are “well-loved” and as old or older than a couple of my kids!

  40. First, the cast iron is beautiful. Of course I’d love to win it!
    Second, I love using Plan to Eat, and I would love to win a lifetime subscription!

  41. This meal planning app has completely changed how we plan and eat in our family! It is such a relief to have meals planned out and to only have to grocery shop one time a week!! Thank you so much for creating this app and also for sponsoring such a great giveaway.

  42. I love cooking with my cast iron and you can always use more! Plan to Eat stores all of my recipes…I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it!

  43. My aunt got me started with a cast iron skillet years ago and I love using it, but I haven’t ventured into other cast iron pieces. I love Plan to Eat and keep all my recipes here! Still need to get better about actually creating meal plans consistently though!

  44. I love cooking with cast iron and would love to be able to upgrade to this wonderful product! Everything always seems to taste better in cast iron!

  45. I have only a couple pieces of cast iron and want to use it more. It’s just so expensive. I love cooking. And I love Plan to Eat!

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