This tomato soup from Gluten-Free Mom has quickly become my favorite gluten-, dairy-, soy-free recipe. It’s easy to put together, makes the whole house smell good and is so flavorful! It is a bit on the spicy side, so I cut the basil and pepper in half this week for my girls, although I prefer […] . . .


As of two weeks ago, our youngest daughter is now on a gluten-, casein- and soy-free diet. While in many ways the transition has been easier than I expected, I’m still on the hunt for meal and snack ideas so that she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out. It’s hard to explain to a two-year-old […] . . .


I’ve always said that one of the things I love about Plan to Eat — besides the fact that it simplifies one of my most dreaded tasks — is that as a company they are constantly rolling out new features based on the feedback they get from users, and this latest feature is so very […] . . .


Photo by My mom and I recently held a marathon crafting session to prepare for an upcoming Christmas series that I’m hosting at Life…Your Way. We made DIY ornaments, cards and more, and as you can imagine, we had to purchase and organize a significant amount of supplies in order to do so. As […] . . .


To be honest, the multiple store lists feature of Plan to Eat is one that I’ve only recently started using. Because we live out in the boonies, we try to shop as little as possible when we’re “in town”, and for a long time we shopped at just one store whenever possible. However, we’ve recently […] . . .


While the Plan to Eat Menu Planner and Shopping List are seamlessly integrated to automatically create your shopping list with everything you need for the meals you’ve planned, there are likely lots of other items you purchase regularly that aren’t part of those recipes. Things like milk, toilet paper, diapers, maple syrup, coffee, shampoo, etc. […] . . .


Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It’s truly one of my favorite social media sites (if you follow me on Life…Your Way as well, you may have heard me say that a few times already, ahem), because it’s so practical and inspiring. Basically, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that lets you “pin” images to your […] . . .


The Meal Planner is the heart and soul of Plan to Eat! And while using the bare bones features of the planner are enough to simplify your life and streamline your menu planning process, there are many additional options that help you get even more out of the system. Let’s take a look at some […] . . .


Photo by Ava Lowery I don’t know about you, but as summer wears on, I’m finding us stuck in a summertime snack rut. I’ll admit that I like easy snacks, but I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives, since most of what you’ll find on the grocery store shelves either has high fructose corn syrup or […] . . .


We’re starting a new series of tips and tricks to help you get even more out of your Plan to Eat account, and today’s tip is a good one! Hopefully you’ve already discovered how easy it is to import recipes from more than 100 recipe sites just by pasting the URL and clicking the Search […] . . .