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Using the Pantry Staples List to Simplify Your Shopping

While the Plan to Eat Menu Planner and Shopping List are seamlessly integrated to automatically create your shopping list with everything you need for the meals you’ve planned, there are likely lots of other items you purchase regularly that aren’t part of those recipes. Things like milk, toilet paper, diapers, maple syrup, coffee, shampoo, etc.

add-itemsYou can add any item to your shopping list quickly and easily by clicking the Add Items button, but you can also save time — and avoid forgetting something important — by setting up a list of Staple Items that is saved in your account.

Set Up Staple Items

To add items to your Staple list, click the Staple Items tab at the top of your shopping list.

Click on Add Items and then add the item’s description.

Select a default category then choose to add items to specific stores or keep them on your Any Store list by default.


You can also drag the items to specific stores on the left sidebar once you’ve added them to your list. This does not add them to that store’s actual shopping list; it just sets the store as the default so that you can add multiple things to your shopping list at once and they will all show up on the right store’s list.

Add Staples to Your Shopping List

Then, to add those items to your current Shopping List, either Select All to add everything on your Staples List to your Shopping List or simply check off however many items you need.

At the top of the list, select the store list you want to add the items to and click Add to Main List.

To delete items permanently from your Staples, select the check box and then click Delete Items.

I haven’t done this yet, but my plan is to add items to the Staples list as I add them to my grocery list each week. That way I’ll eventually have all of those staples right in front of my eyes so I can quickly browse and see what we may need even if I’ve forgotten to write it down in the meantime!

Do you use the Staple Items list to add regular purchases to your shopping list?

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