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Using Plan to Eat on a Mobile Device

One of the most common questions people ask about Plan to Eat is whether or not there’s a mobile app available. Technically, the answer is no, but that’s primarily because the mobile website works so well and gives you everything you need already. Let’s take a look!

When you visit on most mobile devices you should automatically be redirected to the mobile version. If you are not automatically redirected, you can always visit The shopping list is the most popular feature on the mobile site and is therefore the first page you see when signing in.

plan to eat mobile

The shopping list has nice size type and plenty of white space to make it easy on the eyes so that you can use it while shopping.

You have a couple of options here. I typically Hide Checked Items while shopping, so that I can easily see what’s left to buy, but you can uncheck that box to see everything on your list as well:

plan to eat mobile

You can also choose whether to display all of your store shopping lists at one time or just view one in particular, by clicking on Select a store:

plan to eat mobile

You can also view your Recipe Book on your phone:

plan to eat mobile

This lets you pull up a recipe in the kitchen while you cook without having to scroll all over the place in order to read all of the instructions:

plan to eat mobile

Although you can’t actually plan your menu from the mobile view (and I’m not sure you’d want to on a tiny screen anyway!), you can see each day’s menu plan by clicking on the planner option and scrolling through the days:

plan to eat mobile

You can also add the ingredients from a recipe to your Shopping List by clicking the Add to Shopping List button in the recipe view. Doing that also adds the recipe to the current day’s menu plan.

plan to eat mobile

Finally, if the reason you’ve been wishing for an app is to get the handy dandy icon on your homescreen, never fear, you can still do that! Here’s how:

While visiting Plan to Eat on your phone, click the “send to” icon at the bottom of the screen, which brings up the following options.

plan to eat mobile

Select Add to Home Screen, and voila — your very own icon that you can add to a folder, your home bar or wherever else you’d like it to be so that you can open Plan to Eat with just one click!

plan to eat mobile

I really love the mobile site because I can use it on my iPhone or iPad while shopping to save the paper and easily see what’s left. I also find carrying my phone while I shop a lot easier than carrying paper and a pen and trying to cross things off as I walk!

How about you? Do you use the mobile site for your grocery shopping? How about in the kitchen while you cook?

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  • With all due respect, the article is trying to find justifications for lack of essential functionality. Many people like myself need to use PlanToEat in areas without mobile or WiFi network coverage. It is as simple as that.

    Mobile app (even with scaled down functionality) is essential. Its lack (despite constant promises) is the only reason why I am starting to look for other alternatives to PlatToEat

    Anatoli Krassavine January 4, 2018 AT 5:18 am
    • This blog post was written 6 years ago and is very outdated.

      The Plan to Eat iOS app is in active development and currently includes your recipe book and shopping list and the meal planner should be released in a few weeks, hopefully next week. Our mobile app works offline and that functionality (including automatically syncing with your account) is a big reason why it has taken so long to develop. We are also developing an Android app which should be release shortly after we add the meal planner to the iOS app.

      We have not official announced our app, but you can find and install a beta version in the Apple App store here:

      Plan to Eat January 4, 2018 AT 4:34 pm
  • I spend 40+ minutes a day commuting by ferry. During this time data is spotty and wifi non-existant. I’m sure other commuters are in the same boat (ha!) as me. I’d love to use this time to plan my meals. However, need an app for this. Please, please, please create an app.

    Jennifer O'Hartigan August 30, 2017 AT 5:19 pm
    • Our app is currently in development! :)

      Riley September 25, 2017 AT 9:47 am
  • I need a mobile app that can be used on the IPAD. I have to log in each time from the home screen. This is frustrating when I am trying to access my recipes. The app would open automatically. Any update?

    Amber November 25, 2016 AT 10:32 am
    • We are working to release an app for mobile devices. We are looking to launch in early 2017!

      Riley December 15, 2016 AT 6:52 am
  • What’s the status with a mobile app? That’s my biggest frustration with PTE. I’m mostly using my phone in kitchen these days and the site just doesn’t work that well as an app should.

    For one thing, the phone dims after several seconds of non-use forcing me to keep unlocking my screen while cooking with all kinds of stuff on my hands. If it were an app you could have the screen no dim on the user.

    Can you please give an ETA for an app? I am shopping around at this point for alternatives.

    Wendi October 19, 2016 AT 10:10 am
    • Thanks for contacting Plan to Eat!

      We are shooting for a Dec 2016 release, but it could be pushed into next year. We apologize for the delay! We only want to release an app that works really well and there are countless details to work through. As soon as we have an update or a release date, we will let all of our users know immediately. The best way to prevent your phone from dimming while running any application, is to change your screen/brightness settings. On an iPhone, this setting would be the Auto-lock feature. On an Android, this is in Settings>Display>Sleep Settings. I do hope that helps while you are cooking!


      Riley October 19, 2016 AT 11:12 am
  • Would really like to have an app for this software too! You’ve got a great program !

    Marthina May 30, 2016 AT 2:26 pm
  • Nice to share this info but you guys really need to work towards developing a mobile app , especially considering the price of your subscription. The mobile site works well but is very limited in functionality. I want to be able to clip/add recipes on mobile (I often read blogs, news, etc and come across recipes I want to add), and contrary to what the author claims, yes, I *would* want to plan meals on a tiny screen… I’m on the go and often can’t pull out my laptop. Lots of companies/services let you do complicated things on mobile apps– Google Sheets (editing and formatting spreadsheets), Depop (listing items for sale including pictures), Goodreads (editing book reviews), just off the top of my head. I feel like Plan To Eat is copping out on the app.

    Jen May 21, 2016 AT 9:51 am
    • Thanks for commenting! The Plan to Eat iPhone and Android mobile apps have been in development for some months, but more development is required before we can make them available to our customers. It is too early for us to know a specific release date, but we are tentatively planning for an unveiling in the summer of 2016. We know that you are looking forward to it (we are too!) and we will send updates as they are available.

      Riley May 23, 2016 AT 1:21 pm
      • Hello,

        Any news on the app launching? I can’t wait to start using it as I would love to plan my meals when travelling and/or offline.

        Thank you.

        Christine August 9, 2016 AT 8:32 am
        • Hi Christine! The app is still in development and is scheduled for a release later this year. As soon as we have any additional news on the release, we will let you know! We’re really excited about this and we know that our users are too!

          Riley August 11, 2016 AT 12:29 pm
          • Hey, it’s 2017! How’s the app coming along?

            Malerie August 30, 2017 AT 8:32 am
          • Our app is currently in progress and the preliminary version is in the Apple App Store!

            Riley September 25, 2017 AT 9:47 am
  • Looks like folks have been asking for an app for at least a couple of years and I agree that it’s needed. Using an app on a mobile device allows much more needed functionality than mentioned in this article. For the cost of the software, it should be available! Many people use tablets instead of computers and you need the same easy functionality for adding recipes.

    Come on guys…..get this done!

    Diane February 14, 2016 AT 8:17 am

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