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My mom and I recently held a marathon crafting session to prepare for an upcoming Christmas series that I’m hosting at Life…Your Way. We made DIY ornaments, cards and more, and as you can imagine, we had to purchase and organize a significant amount of supplies in order to do so.

As I was planning our crafting days, I realized that Plan to Eat was the perfect solution for organizing these projects as well as my weekly menu plan.

Using the new bookmarklet, I added the “recipe” for each project to my Plan to Eat account. I chose to leave the course and cuisine blank, but I added tags to the various projects (handmade cards, DIY ornaments, etc.) so that I could quickly sort through them.

Once I had all of these added to my account, I dragged them all onto the planner for a date in the future (to avoid any planned menu items from interfering with the shopping list) and then created my shopping list based on that date.

Use the category feature for each “ingredient” to set up categories for your supplies (scrapbooking, sewing, woodworking, etc.), and what you end up with is a perfectly organized supply list.

From the planner page, I then printed out my “meal plan” for the week in question and selected the option to Print Recipes so that we’d have a paper copy of each craft’s instructions as well.

This really simplified the planning process, and it got me thinking about other creative uses for Plan to Eat…for your Christmas list (setup each person as a “recipe” and list their gifts as ingredients)? Party planning? Moving and decorating? School shopping?

What creative ways have you used Plan to Eat?

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