All the feelings of Spring flood over me as I enjoy the daylight into the evening. The kids grab their scooters and bikes and we roam the neighborhood after dinner, pausing to acknowledge all the signs of growth around us. The early Spring bulbs are poking up out of the ground in the neighbor’s yard. […] . . .


This past January warmed up, unlike most that came before. It brought about a feeling of Spring long before we will officially feel Spring weather on a regular basis. Just as we began to enjoy the warmth, the sunshine and noticing the plants around us budding, the snow came. Several areas across the United States […] . . .


The ground is frozen. I haven’t thrown a shovel into it in weeks. Anything outdoors is dormant for the Winter. Some growth continues with the help of high tunnels and greenhouse structures. The structures provide protection from the freezing temperatures. The garlic that will be harvested in Summer and Fall has been planted. It needs […] . . .