Black beans are one of the worlds healthiest foods.  We keep a large stock of them in our pantry, and soak a big batch of them overnight before cooking. In the morning they are drained and rinsed, then usually I simmer them in salted water with a few garlic cloves.  Having black beans pre-cooked and […] . . .


Sweet & spicy, tangy and flavorful.  I enjoy simple baked chicken – with a sauce that doesn’t require too many ingredients – but packs in the flavor.  This was a definite crowd pleaser! Start with good quality meat.  Perhaps you have a whole chicken you can piece out and fill a baking dish.  I used […] . . .


We love cabbage. This year, we planted over 30 heads in the garden – hoping to harvest them throughout summer and store some for winter – some in the cellar and some made into sauerkraut.  Cabbage is rich in vitamin C which makes it a perfect winter food, helping to keep the immune system strong. […] . . .


Pumpkins and Fall…a magical combination. After the warm days of summer yielded these giant french baking pumpkins (Rouge Vif D’etampes) – the start of the cold weather means that it’s time to bake with them! In this recipe, I replaced the typical aromatic combination of onions, celery & carrots (as a great start to any […] . . .


With summer vegetable season in full swing, my garden is pumping out the produce. Something I’d planned for all winter and spring – this season is busy as I try to keep up with all of the goodness pouring into my kitchen. Because we eat seasonally, what is available to pick from the garden, the […] . . .


We planted two large rows of beets this year.   I am excited to be picking them already… roasting beets, sauteeing them, boiling, pickling… and the list goes on. Last year, however – I ended up giving a lot of those beet greens to the chickens after waiting a bit too long to use them. […] . . .


It’s been COLD this week. Yesterday was a high of 4 degrees. Without my garden bounty to inspire me I turn to the winter storage vegetables and good meats for comfort food inspiration.     I ordered some nice shoulder roasts from a local farm, and decided to put one into a simple pot roast for […] . . .


Our discovery of the benefits of fermented food began with our daughter contracting a serious case of MRSA (You can read the whole story HERE). Since then we’ve learned how important it is to keep our guts populated with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and we’ve made a commitment to incorporating probiotic-rich foods into our diet. Purchasing […] . . .


It’s amazing how easily we can view ‘unknown’ vegetables as strange and therefore undesirable. I believe that exploration and fearless courage are keys to eating healthfully and deliciously. Enter roots and bulbs: Kohlrabi, Daikon, and Fennel bulb.   A few years ago I would have scratched my head. Nope. Couldn’t have identified them in a produce lineup. […] . . .


Spaghetti & meatballs, burgers with all the fixins, Mama’s meatloaf with bacon… my family really loves these meals. But sometimes I don’t have time – or all the ingredients to make them fully. No problem – we can make a quick variation on the above by using similar ingredients. The result is usually the same […] . . .