The first year the Sweetie Pie and I were married, we couldn’t afford to pay someone to do our taxes, so I decided I’d do them. There is a geeky part of me that enjoys filling in blanks, adding up figures, and having things all nice and tidy. The feeling reminded me of when I’d […] . . .


Every time I pulled out my stash of dessert recipes, I’d come to this one, sigh, and move on. It sounded exactly like something I wanted to sit down and eat (in a fancy restaurant with no children), but it sounded too fussy to do at home. Besides, with my current diet restrictions I wouldn’t […] . . .


Since coming off of GAPS, I’ve been toying around with lots of different foods and cooking methods to figure out exactly what foods make me feel the best. Or, rather, what foods make me feel the least worst, since pretty much all food makes me feel bad–it’s just a question of how bad. I landed […] . . .


The Bean took one bite of this cookie and pronounced it the “best cookie he’d ever eaten”. As a six-year-old, he’s quite a cookie connoisseur and so I entirely trust his opinion. I like cookies with a little substance, so the oats and coconut and dried fruit are right up my alley. It makes me […] . . .


This is our last week for the cookie exchange. Thanks for all the yummy recipes you guys shared! I’m so impressed with all the great baking talent out there. In case you have just one more cookie you want to share, at the end of the post you’ll find instructions on linking to your cookie […] . . .


It’s been so fun to see what cookies everyone is bringing to the Plan to Eat Cookie Exchange. I’m really wishing there was actually a table with all these cookies on it, and all of us sitting around sipping coffee and eating cookies. ~sigh~ Keep your links coming! At the end of the post you’ll […] . . .


  I’m so excited to kick off our cookie exchange! Did you bring some treats to share? At the end of the post you’ll find directions on linking to your cookie recipe. I’m starting off with one of my family’s classic Christmas cookies. I was always under the impression that this was one of my […] . . .