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Over 100 New Recipes to Add to Your Account!

It’s February and we are encouraging you to do a recipe roundup all month! Stay tuned each Monday in February for new recipe ideas.

When it comes to finding new recipes, the internet is the best and easiest way to spark some major inspiration! Your Plan to Eat account is the perfect place to collect those amazing recipes you find because your online recipe book is completely your own! Not only do you get to add only the recipes you want and love, but you also get to organize and categorize your recipes in the way that makes sense to you.

We’ve compiled a whole bundle of recipes below, including Winter and Spring themed recipes, but first we want to give you a refresher on how to add recipes to your account from around the web!

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Fan Favorite: The Recipe Clipper

You can add the Recipe Clipper bookmarklet to any browser and then import recipes while surfing the web with a couple clicks! Or use the Share Extension Clipper on your mobile device, which uses the native Share function to import recipes to your account.

Import from Web

You can search and import online recipes from within your website Plan to Eat account! Simply click on the arrow associated with the orange “Add Recipe” button and choose the “Import a recipe from a URL” option. 

You can either copy and paste in a website URL or perform a recipe search. When searching, you can type in any keywords associated with the recipes you’d like to find and the Google generated search will populate the 100 most popular recipes for that keyword. 

Now that you’re equipped with the best ways to get recipes into your account, check out these recipe compilations with over 100 recipes for you to use:
21 Winter Seasonal Recipes
21 Spring Seasonal Recipes
25 Crockpot Recipes
24 Casserole Recipes
16 Budget Friendly Recipes

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