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25 Crockpot Recipes for Fall

We’ve entered Fall. Daylight is waning and it’s getting chilly. This is a great time of year to bring your crockpot or slow cooker out of storage. Crockpot recipes are great for saving time in the kitchen. I like crockpot meals for the rich flavors that develop after ingredients simmer together for hours. Coming home to an already cooked meal is a bonus!

You can easily add these crockpot recipes to your Plan to Eat account using the Recipe Clipper or Share Extension! We encourage you to add tags when you import these recipes, to save time when you’re meal planning too! Then use the search and filtering options to find the best recipes for your meal plan. And don’t forget your organized shopping list! Plan to Eat is the best meal planning app with an automated grocery list feature.

If you end up with Leftovers or Freezer meals, you can add those to your meal planning calendar to remind you what’s for dinner!

Here’s our list of 25 Fall crockpot recipes to try:

three young people gathered in a kitchen, smiling, as one taste tests a sauce

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