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24 Simple Casserole Recipes

We ate casserole a lot when I was growing up…tuna casserole, hamburger casserole, cheesy chicken casserole… If we had meat and noodles in the house, we were most likely eating casserole! 🙂 My mom was a busy lady with three kids, so I’m sure casserole was often the easiest way to feed everyone, save time, and stick to a budget.

Maybe I simply have fond memories, but I still love casserole! The best thing about casseroles is they make great leftovers. You can save time and money by making one large batch and eat it all week (or until everyone gets tired of it!).

If you’re a casserole lover, or simply need to re-discover the magic of casseroles, check out our list of 24 yummy casserole recipes below!

Cropped image of a woman adding toppings to a casserole
Flat lay composition of a casserole with cheese and pepperonis

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