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21 Winter Seasonal Recipes to Use What’s in Season

There’s a common misconception that fresh produce goes out of season in Winter. Just because the weekly farmer’s markets aren’t operating and your local food stand is closed, doesn’t mean there aren’t seasonal foods to enjoy in Winter!

Not only are all types of root vegetables in season during the Winter months, but there’s also squash, apples, collard greens, citrus, mushrooms, and so much more! There are thousands of recipes online that highlight these foods and we’ve put together a small list to help you add some seasonal variety to your meal plans.

Be sure to add these recipes to your Plan to Eat account and then think about making a Winter seasonal Menu to keep them in rotation. Happy Planning!

overhead shot of casserole, green beans and mashed potato side dishes on a dinner table
cropped image of woman adding fresh cracked pepper to sliced carrots in a baking dish

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