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Plan to Eat saved our budget while diapers drained it.

March-2016As recently as 2015 I had no idea how to cook. I could stumble through spaghetti, and I could make cookies, but not much else. My husband and I ate out regularly or depended on pre-made meals. You can imagine how our health was suffering.

When my daughter was born, we found out she had a milk and soy protein allergy. To continue nursing I would have to change my eating habits immediately. I went on a crash course of cooking. To cook chicken, bake sweet potatoes, steam vegetables, and many other basics, I needed recipes to follow. As I started adding meals and recipes to my rotation, I was having difficulty with keeping track of allergens and fails or success. Enter Plan to Eat.


A wonderful friend helped me in my cooking crisis and shared Plan to Eat with me — and her recipes! One of my favorite things I always rave about is the fact that you don’t have to start from scratch with Plant to Eat. You can start with friends’ tried and true favorites and add your own. (Here are more details about Plan to Eat’s Friends feature)

June-2018Plan to Eat saved my sanity while learning a new life skill AND caring for a toddler and newborn. Plan to Eat saved our budget while diapers drained it. And like other users, Plan to Eat helped me lose over 45 lbs this past year on Weight Watchers.

Even without your referral program, my referrals would still count as many. I’m so thankful to have a chance to tell you how wonderful Plan to Eat has been for me.

Warmly, Kathryn

• Top photo courtesy of Sean Smith


What’s your Plan to Eat story?

Do you save money by meal planning?

Do you eat together as a family more often?

Do you eat healthier food?

bagsWhatever your story, I’d love to hear about it! We’re exploring why meal planning matters and I would like to share your story with other Plan to Eat users.

As a thank you gift I’ll send you our world-famous canvas tote bag! These canvas totes are custom made for Plan to Eat with organic cotton, metal grommets, and reinforced rope handles. They are burly enough to handle the heaviest of loads, and the soft canvas sides will keep you stylin’ as you stroll through the farmer’s market.

Please email us for details: [email protected]


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