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Instant Pot Giveaway — Instant Pot July Week 3

The first of two drawings to win an Instant Pot happens Saturday!

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Summer is flying by and we’ve been busy with fun, warm-weather activities. Our packed schedule is one of the reasons why the Instant Pot (IP) has become one of my new favorite cooking methods — it’s incredibly quick and I don’t have to cook over a hot stove.

It also allows me to do a great deal of meal prepping each week because the recipes can be used for so many different meals. Having foods prepped and on hand really speaks to what Plan to Eat is all about: saving time, saving money, and spending more time as a family.  (For more about how I repurposed Instant Pot July recipes, check out the previous blog posts!)

The IP makes any meal an easy meal because it is fast, and it cooks a lot of food. This helps me avoid the draw of the drive thru or “easy” meals. When others in our Facebook group have questioned if they should purchase an IP, these are the reasons many have given as to why they started using the IP. I completely agree and I think these are some of the “Mom-friendly” features that makes the IP so helpful.

The IP has a sauté feature that allows you to brown or sear meat and prep onions/veggies to go into soups and stews. Using the Instant Pot to sauté eliminates the need to dirty additional dishes to create the meal. Anything that results in fewer dirty dishes is more than welcome in my kitchen! The option to sauté in the IP is especially helpful for the Irish Maple Stew we’ve got on our meal plan for Week 3. I would love to hear more about how you have used the other settings that are included in the Instant Pot. Comment on this post or let me know in the Facebook Group!

(If you don’t see the above video, click here to watch it)

Join us For Instant Pot July! 

Here’s what we made: Week 3

 Maple Pork Stew

Irish Maple Stew


Herbed Chicken Lunchmeat

Chana Masala

Chana Masala

Saving a Menu

I’ve been using two Plan to Eat features that I have found incredibly helpful for Instant Pot July. The first is the Menu feature. The recipes I planned for this week are paired with recommended side dish recipes. I’ve planned the main and side dish recipes, then saved them into menus. Now, when I plan the menus, the main recipe with the side dishes are all placed on my planner at one time. I simply drag the menu onto my planner and all of the recipes will appear together on that day! This help article will show you how to do this with your recipes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.57.40 AM

The Freezer

I’ve also been using the Freezer Cooking feature. Many of the meals in Instant Pot July are freezer friendly and this feature has allowed me to keep a record of how many meals I have frozen and saved for later. Many of these recipes, if not scaled down, make large portions which are perfect to add to the freezer. This help article will show you how to work with the Freezer Cooking feature in Plan to Eat.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.59.19 AM

Here are some freezable recipes from Instant Pot July:

Facebook-MockupInstant Pot July Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to find friends, discuss tips and tricks and share recipes with other Plan to Eat users! This group is very active and we would love for you to be a part of it.



pinterestInstant Pot Pinterest Board

If Pinterest is more your style, we’ve put together a fantastic Instant Pot Pinterest Board with tons of Instant Pot ideas from all over the web.

Additional Resources:

Giveaway: Win an Instant Pot + 1 Free Year of Plan to Eat

If, like us, you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not to invest in an Instant Pot of your own, here’s your chance — we have 2 to give away!

We’re also including 1 free year of Plan to Eat ($39) and a Plan to Eat canvas shopping bag ($19) to each winner. That’s a total prize package worth $180!

The first drawing will occur on July 15 and the second will occur on August 1. If you sign up for the drawing prior to July 15 you will automatically be included in August 1 drawing.

You must be signed up for Instant Pot July and fill out the form below to enter. After confirming that you have joined Instant Pot July, you will have opportunities for additional entries.


If you participate in the Plan to Eat Affiliate Program and would like to use Instant Pot July as an opportunity to spread the word about Plan to Eat, you can do that!
When you log into your Promotional Tools page you will see your referral link:
This referral link will take people to the regular Plan to Eat page using your referral code. The referral code is the “bcwg6yhack” at the end of the URL in this example. Yours will be different.
If you change the URL and update your referral code (I’ve bolded the referral code at the end of the line) to this:

You will send your audience to the Instant Pot July landing page and receive the referral!

Join us!

Let’s have some fun as we learn to cook with our Instant Pots. We’d love for you to join us as we explore brand new recipes, share Instant Pot tips and resources, and you can possibly win one of your own.

Join us For Instant Pot July! 

* Plan to Eat is in no way affiliated with Instant Pot. This page does not contain affiliate links and Instant Pot July is not intended to be a promotion for Instant Pot. We tried the Instant Pot, we liked it, and we thought Instant Pot July would be a fun thing to do with our customers.

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