WelcomeWeek Five, Lesson Two

This is the final lesson of The Learning Series! Tomorrow, you will receive one more email from us with a special video on how to make meal planning a habit. Thank you for joining us and participating in The Learning Series!

On Monday, we learned all about the Freezer feature and today, we’re rounding out The Learning Series with Menus!

When to use Menus

Menus allow you to save a meal plan or group of recipes for use again in the future. These can be recipes already on the Planner, or a new Menu created in the Menu Editor.

There are many reasons to save Menus, like when you create a weekly meal plan and it’s a hit with your family. You can save that meal plan to use again when inspiration is low or you need a crowd pleasing week. You can also save Menus for special occasions and holidays, like birthdays, Hanukkah, or Easter. If you have an occasion where your family always eats a specific meal, it’s a huge time saver to save a Menu and plan everything at once. 

You can also use Menus to create a meal planning “template”. A template Menu includes the recipes you plan on a regular basis. These could be recipes you eat every week or reminders for weekly events. When you start meal planning, the first thing to do is plan the template Menu, which has all your recurring recipes and notes, and then you can plan the rest of the week around your schedule!

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