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This week we are learning about two super useful features: the Freezer and Menus! Today we are diving into the Freezer.

When to use the Freezer

You can use the Freezer to keep track of batch cooking or multiple meals prepared at one time. For example, you’re making enchiladas tonight and you make three trays at one time. You can then add three meals of enchiladas in your Freezer to keep track of them and eat them when it’s convenient. 

In this same scenario, you might be making three trays, but only freezing two because the other one is going to be eaten the same night it’s prepared. In this case, you can add all three meals to the Freezer in Plan to Eat and simply drag one meal back to the Planner on the same day you prepared it. This will keep your shopping list accurate and your Freezer total accurate. 

If you make a recipe and it simply gives you a couple extra servings for the week ahead, you might prefer to add Leftovers note instead of adding the servings to your Freezer. For more on this, watch the video below!

Meals vs. Servings in the Freezer

The difference between meals and servings in the Freezer sometimes causes confusion.

If a recipe serving size is 6 servings, then 1 meal includes 6 servings. Two meals would include two separate servings of 6, for a total of 12 servings.

With the enchilada example above, if you are making three trays of enchiladas, each one counts as a single meal, but each tray will feed six people. So when you select this recipe as “Prep for Freezer” you will fill in the boxes as 3 meals with 6 servings each.

Freezer Overview

When to use the Freezer and when to use Leftovers

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