At 40.7 degrees longitude, and 5.200 feet, it is nearing garlic harvest. Leaf tips are browning, the plants’ scapes are coiled, and the heart-shaped pod is getting baggy, readying to open.   My next couple posts will be focused on the mis- or little understood early gift of the garlic plant: the scape – a […] . . .


This time of year, in our part of the country, CSAs are starting up. CSA is shorthand for Community Supported Agriculture. Folks agree to buy produce, fruit, etc., from a local farmer at a set price. Often the food is delivered once a week for a set number of weeks. If there is bounty of, […] . . .


Our favorite pasta salad – really the only one we make – is a pretty simple combination of noodles, sausage, greens, beans, onion, and some dressing (recipe below). We make a huge bowl full of it, use it as a main dish several times, and then finish it off as a side dish with other […] . . .


My last article was in praise of the Rebar cookbook. I said more about the cookbook than the recipe, and as I prepared the dish I decided it called for another article, even if it amounted to notes. . . .


The Rebar cookbook is among our household’s favorites for two reasons. First, Rebar excels as a vegetarian cookbook. It used to be that vegetarian cooking consisted of mimicking meat dishes by substituting tofu and loads of spices. I am not a vegetarian and so I had no use for those recipes. At the same time, […] . . .


“Cold dark deep and absolutely clear,” from “At the Fishhouses” by Elizabeth Bishop “[R]emember that it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you.” St. Paul in a letter to the Romans, 11:18b Apart from a couple experiments with greens in the greenhouse and hoophouse (a smaller, portable greenhouse), most of the […] . . .


Lyndall “Granny” Toothman grew up in Appalachia. Her family didn’t have a lot of money. She remembers Christmas dinners as a child when everyone dined on fresh greens without the help of refrigeration, a supermarket, or a greenhouse.   . . .


“Purity lies not in separation from but in deeper penetration into the universe.” – Teilhard de Chardin The day after Thanksgiving two years ago was cold. We got to work early, a few of us digging in my backyard before breakfast. I unbolted a section of fence and backed in the pickup. We unloaded a […] . . .