We’re excited to introduce you to a company called ButcherBox. They are a delivery service that brings 100% grass fed and finished beef, free range chicken, heritage breed pork (and much, much more) right to your doorstep.

I’ve been interested in trying ButcherBox for several months and when the opportunity came up through Plan to Eat, I jumped at the chance to order a box and review this product for you. Keep reading to learn all the truly delicious details!

ButcherBox’s mission is to ‘connect families with the foods they want to eat by establishing a friendly neighborhood butcher, always open, online.’ Their desire to provide not just quality meats, but consciously curated meats, is one of the many factors that first made me interested in their delivery boxes.

They have high standards. Each and every product they offer is humanely raised, never treated with antibiotics or hormones, and is the highest quality. You’ll be impressed with all the sourcing practices they have considered.

ButcherBox offers several different box options:

  1. Custom, where you can select the specific meats you want in your box.
  2. Mixed, a box with beef, chicken, and pork selected for you (this is their most popular!)
  3. Beef and Pork selected for you
  4. Beef and Chicken selected for you
  5. All beef

In addition to the items listed above, they also have a lot of add-on items you can choose from, including their newest offering, Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon! (Um, yes please! I am going to have to add this into my next box!)

I chose the custom box, as there were some cuts of meat that my family wanted to try specifically. My husband grew up raising and butchering his own grass fed cows, and he wanted to try some of his favorite cuts to compare.

To add some variety to our meal planning, we decided to choose some cuts of meat that we do not eat frequently. Our box included: tenderloin steaks, flat iron steak, steak tips, pork tenderloin and sirloin and steak tips.  Broken down, each meal is less than $6.00 and each of their boxes ship free, no matter which you choose!

When the box arrived at my house, it had been delayed by a spring snowstorm. It was only about two days later than expected, but I was nervous to see the condition of the meat. Would it still be frozen?

Amazingly, it was all still frozen solid. There was just a little bit of dry ice left and all of the contents were in perfect condition. The box was filled with eco-friendly insulation, surrounding the individually sealed, vacuum-packed cuts of meat. 

After my meat was stored away in my freezer, I took my packing slip to my computer to add these items to my Plan to Eat Freezer. To do this, I created a simple recipe for each cut of meat included in my shipment. Once these were saved, I added them to my Planner and saved them to my freezer with specific numbers of servings. With a stocked freezer, I could now begin planning.


When you cook from foods you already have on hand, you have to adjust your meal planning process slightly. For me, I typically create a meal plan and then go shopping. For planning with foods I have on hand or in my freezer, I begin by looking at my ingredients and filter my recipe book for specific items I want to use.  Here’s how it works:

  1. I decided that I wanted to cook a Ribeye from my ButcherBox Shipment.
  2. I filtered my recipe book for recipes that included Steak (I could also search ‘ribeye’ specifically.)
  3. I selected a recipe and added it to my meal planner. (You’ll find the recipe included below!)
  4. Once the recipe was added, I moved a ribeye from my freezer onto my meal plan alongside the recipe.
  5. This added a defrost note to my planner to remind me to pull it from the freezer the day prior and I was all set to go shopping for the rest of the ingredients I needed.
  6. With my shopping list, I removed the ribeye and other items I already had on hand and went shopping!

The ribeye was delicious. It was tender and juicy, and had rich flavor. You can absolutely tell the difference in the quality of their products. Even my husband (the one who grew up raising grass fed beef) agreed with just how amazing the steak was. Since we made this, we’ve tried several other meats and each one is tasty, high-quality, and full of flavor. In addition to this, you can feel confident that you are consuming and feeding your family food that is good for you and not full of harmful additives.

This giveaway has closed, but feel free to use the coupon provided here: https://www.butcherbox.com/plantoeat/ 

ButcherBox has been so kind to offer you a giveaway: a chance to win a box of your own!! Enter below today! 


Everyone is still a winner in our eyes and ButcherBox has provided a special coupon: [$20 off + an amazing special offer] to Plan to Eat readers!
Redeem today: butcherbox.com/plantoeat

If you are a meat eater, I believe that ButcherBox a an excellent option for you to get high-quality meat products on your dinner table!  Please know that Plan to Eat supports eating preferences of all kinds, including meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians. This blog reflects the opinions of the author and was not sponsored by ButcherBox.

Steak Burrito Bowls

Source: Plan to Eat Blog

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Mexican

Main Ingredient: Beef



  • Base Ingredients:
  • 1 10oz Ribeye Steak or preferred cut!
  • Steak seasoning use your favorite!
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • 1 cup cauliflower rice
  • 12 cup sautéed mushrooms
  • 12 cup sautéed bell pepper
  • 14 cup guacamole
  • 12 cup chopped fresh spinach
  • 14 cup pico de gallo
  • 2 tbsp cilantro
  • 13 lime
  • Mexi-Greek Yogurt
  • 12 cup Greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp pickled jalapenos and juice
  • 14 cup pico de gallo
  • 12 t cumin
  • Optional toppings:
  • cheese
  • Salsa Verde
  • sliced Radishes
  • corn kernals
  • black beans


  1. Coat your steak in oil and then season with your favorite steak seasoning. We let the steak sit for about 1 hour, or until room temperature before grilling.
  2. Next, grill or pan sear your steak. We grilled our steak until medium, about 4-5 minutes on each side on a hot grill. (Let the steak rest after cooking.)
  3. While the steak is cooking, prepare or warm the rice.
  4. Prepare cauliflower rice (you can easily use a steam bag from the freezer section of your grocery store or make it yourself)
  5. Chop your veggies and sauté until soft.
  6. Mix together the greek yogurt, pico, jalapeños, and cumin. Stir in about 1 tablespoon of the jalapeño juice. Set aside.
  7. Slice your steak into strips or bite sized pieces.
  8. Mix rice and steamed cauliflower rice together. This is the base ingredient in your bowl.
  9. Top your rice with sliced steak, veggies, guacamole, pico and salsa’s, spinach, cheese, and mexi-greek yogurt
  10. Finish with squeeze of lime juice and sprinkle of cilantro.
  11. Enjoy!

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  1. I am so excited by this chance to win a ButcherBox. What a great way to try something new – and I love the coupon!

  2. Sounds delicious! I’d love the encouragement to try different cuts of meat (SOO many of my current recipes use ground beef!!!)

  3. Excited to try! We’ve been looking for a butcher in our area with reasonable prices and have come up empty.

  4. I never thought about adding an item from the freezer list onto the meal plan. I’m forever forgetting to set meat I need for that day’s dinner recipe down from the freezer. This should help immensely! Thank you. And thank you Butcher Box for offering the giveaway!

  5. I’m very excited to try this! The butcher box would be great for us because I usually make our grocery orders online to help me save time, but I’m always worried about someone else that might not be as particular picking out meat for us. Butcher Box would solve that for me!

  6. Would love to try Butcher Box! I currently use another company and would like to see how this one compares.

  7. It seems all the bloggers I follow are recommending Butcher Box. So I would love to see what all the excitement is about and try it for myself!

  8. Butcher Box looks great!
    I’ve gotten out of the habit of using my PTE subscription. I had no idea there was a freezer option! I’m getting started using this again!

  9. I’ve heard this advertised on Rick and Bubba and have been curious. Would love to try it!!

  10. I’ll be checking them out. Its sometimes hard to find a good source in our neighborhood.

  11. We are big meat eaters in our family and this would be wonderful for grilling season! I’m quite excited to try everything.

  12. I know that planning meals ahead has life changing effects! Having the protein delivered to my door sounds like a dream!

  13. I have been wanting to try Butcher Box for a long time. Thank you so much for this detailed account of your experience! Your husband’s endorsement means a lot!!

  14. I have been focusing on trying to incorporate better quality meat (grass fed, free range, etc) into our diet and this would be a good addition.

  15. This looks amazing, and the freezer tips are fantastic, I had no idea you could do that!

  16. I’ve seen some ads for this recently but haven’t heard of anyone using it. Glad you had a good experience with them! Major bonus is the packaging as I’m always concerned that things will melt/warm up in transit!

  17. Oh my gosh that recipes looks soooo good! We’re a family of nine that eats home every meal at home. I’m married to a former chef that loves to cook!!!

  18. I’ve been curious about Butcher Box for a while now. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. Love the blog post and was perfect timing. Last week I bought a large pack of drumsticks at our local market. Half the legs were broken and one was bruised. My husband and I were so shocked and could only imagine the poor treatment of those chickens that we couldn’t eat the meat. The tip about Butcher Box we welcomed and right on. I signed up right away and look forward to receive our box from folks trying to do the right things.

  20. I have been looking for a good source for grass-fed meats. I’m excited to try this. Thank you for the review and information.

  21. I would love to try ButcherBox. It would simplify my life and would encourage me to do more cooking!

  22. Thank you for this review! I have been considering Butcher Box service and it was great to hear this personal detailed review of their service and the quality of their product.

  23. Would love to try this! Great ideas on different way of using PTE to take advantage of what’s in the freezer.

    1. I am soooooo excited I found Butcherbox & Plan to Eat !!!
      Let the healthy and inspired cooking & EATING begin

  24. This sounds amazing! And I actually mean that. Also thanks for the info about the freezer planner. I’ve been using PTE for years but didn’t know about that! Brilliant!!

  25. I’m a little nervous about the pricing (which was hard to find on their website), but I love the idea of replacing most of our meat with more ethically-sourced options!

  26. I’ve been wanting to try Butcher Box for a long time now but my husband has only been buying meat on sale at the super market. Maybe after he tries meat from Butcher Box he won’t be able to go back to cheap, unhealthy meat! Here’s hoping!!!

  27. I’d be excited to try this out with my family! We’re all very busy so I love how convenient it would be to receive all of the meats in one package at our door step!

  28. This is the first time I have heard about Butcher Box, and it sounds like a wonderful source for quality meats.

  29. I’ve wanted to try butcher box for a while. I’m interested to check it out!

  30. Maybe this meat tastes like it did 40 years ago. That is a taste that’s long gone! It would be great to recover the great taste of Beef! Pork! Chicken!…

  31. Butcher box looks like it would help my life immensely! I’ve got an eleven day old and not much time to shop

  32. I’ve been interested in trying ButcherBox for a while – it would be great to win my first box free!

  33. I would love to try the Grass-fed Meat.
    I like the idea of being able to pick different box options for what my family and I would like.

  34. We currently use Green Chef. The idea of trying this service really interests us! Thanks for the nice review.

  35. This sounds wonderful! I’d love to give it a try. Nice to learn about the freezer feature, too.

  36. I’ve read about Butcherbox before, and have been wondering about it. This is a great opportunity to try it ni risk.

    I also use set up “recipes” in Plan to Eat to keep track of what I have in the freezer. Raw items, single serve meals, whatever. It makes things so much easier!

  37. Would love the opportunity to try Butcher Box. I always hear such wonderful reports about them.

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