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Easy Meals for the New Year — Stuffed Pasta Shells


This challenge has combined many amazing meals and they have all had something really special about them! Either they have been quick, freezable, inexpensive, or just simply really tasty, and we’ve been so impressed with this group of bloggers and their creations. Easy Stuffed Pasta Shells from True Aim Education is no different and allows you to create a meal to eat now, freeze for later, or even share with friends!

This recipe is a fun one to make. You use really large pasta shells and stuff each one with a creamy ricotta, mozzarella, and basil mixture. Once you’ve done that, you bake them in a marinara sauce (jarred or homemade!) and top it with more fresh basil and parmesan. It’s delicious and as good as anything you would order out!

I served these stuffed shells with a green italian salad topped with olives, croutons, banana peppers, and salami and a large loaf of crusty italian bread. This was a great combination and my family loved it!

Easy Stuffed Pasta Shells

brought to you by True Aim Education


Make 2018 the year that meal planning becomes a habit.

To help you get started, we’ve put together an amazing collection of 30 easy-to-prepare recipes, and made them available to you right in your Plan to Eat account.

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Plan to Eat tip: Scaling Recipes

Scaling recipes on your Planner can be hugely helpful when you want to make enough for leftovers, house guests, or freezing extra for later. We love leftovers at my house, so I frequently increase the serving size for my planned recipes to have just enough for a few lunches. This article will show you how to do all of your updates for your planned recipes!

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