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Have you joined our One Pot October Challenge? If you haven’t (or even if you have…) keep reading for the amazing reasons why you should get started today!


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Week One: Wrap Up

It’s been an awesome first week of the challenge and we’re so excited by your participation. If you haven’t already, we would love to hear which recipes have been your favorites so far or even how much money you’ve saved at the grocery store! Tell us about it in the Facebook group.

I tested each and every recipe for you guys before the month began and I spent just over $100 dollars to make all of the recipes. That’s 20 dinners and lots of even easier and delicious leftovers! I’ve even made some of these recipes 2x since I tested them. Hello.. Chunky Lentil and Veggie soup…!

If you’re a one-pot-believer like me, then you know that ease is a serious perk for this style of cooking. Last week, we polled our Facebook Group on why they liked One Pot meals and they agree: “Easy to make” was the #1 reason why we all love them.

While we enjoyed all of the recipes from week one, I will share our two personal favorites:


Greek Turkey and Rice Skillet

35 minutes, $2.49/serving



Italian Wonderpot

25 minutes, $1.04/serving

They were easily reheated and just as tasty in the days following. I struggle cooking accurate portion sizes and almost always end up with leftovers… but, I am not complaining. I really love that I have meals ready to go for lunches without any extra work in the kitchen.

What were your favorites from the week? 

Week 2 recipes!


Monterrey Chicken Skillet

25 Minutes, $2.03/serving


Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

30 Minutes, $1.79/serving


Creamy Spinach and Sausage Pasta

30 Minutes, $1.43/serving


Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup

45 Minutes, $0.52/serving


One Pot Chili Pasta

40 Minutes, $1.08/serving


Enter to win awesome prizes!

We’ve put together a fun giveaway for this challenge! At the end of the month one lucky winner will receive these fantastic tools that are perfect for one pot meals:

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 5.5 qt. Dutch Oven
($330 Value)

prizes-potOh my. This pot is beautiful and perfect for one pot meals! If you are familiar with Le Creuset… well, enough said. If you’ve never heard of Le Creuset, you need to stop what you are doing and go to the nearest kitchen store to see them. These heavy cast iron pots are a true joy to cook with.

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
($120 Value)
prizes-knifeStop struggling with that cheap kitchen knife that you picked up somewhere in college. It’s time for your kitchen to grow up. You’ll not believe what a difference this Wusthof Chef’s Knife will make in your life!

Acacia End Grain Cutting Board
($100 Value)
prizes-cuttingboardWe partnered with Jones Cutting Boards, a small family-run business out of Pennsylvania, to make this special cutting board for the above-mentioned Wusthof knife. These beautiful cutting boards are designed using the self healing end grain of the Acacia wood that will not dull expensive knives.

1 year of Plan to Eat, + 1 year for a friend
($78 Value)
prizes-plantoeatWhether you are new to Plan to Eat and are in a free trial, or if you already use Plan to Eat, you will get 1 year added onto your subscription. In addition, you will receive a gift subscription for one free year that can be given to a friend or family member. Once you are both using Plan to Eat you can share recipes with one another! (here’s how)

Plan to Eat Canvas Shopping Bag
($19 Value)
prizes-bagOur sturdy canvas shopping bag can handle the heaviest of groceries! We evaluated dozens of tote bags before finding just the right one. Not too deep, not too shallow, not too large, not too small… It’s just the right size for a gallon of milk and some fresh produce.

Budget Bytes Book
($12 value)
prizes-bookIf you like the recipes from this challenge, the Budget Bytes book will provide you with 100 more! Whether you are urban or rural, vegan or paleo, Budget Bytes is guaranteed to delight both your palate and your pocketbook.

The Budget Bytes App
($3 value)
prizes-appGet 275+ of your favorite Budget Bytes recipes in an easy to use mobile app (iOS or Android), with adjustable serving sizes, step by step photos, built-in timers, voice instructions, and more!

This $673 prize package will go to one winner!

First, sign up to join One Pot October, then enter to win using this form:

Resources and challenge tips:

  • We’ve cultivated a pretty extensive Pinterest Board for One Pot Meals!
  • Get in on the conversation in the One Pot October Facebook group!
  • Remember to make this challenge your own: add your favorite side dishes and customize the recipes for your family.
  • Visit Budget Bytes to find more amazing recipes.
  • Feel creative and spice the recipes however you would like. (If you do something amazing, let us know in the Facebook group!)


Join us for Plan to Eat’s One Pot October

This 4 week challenge is free to Plan to Eat subscribers, including those in a current free trial, and we would love to see you there!

Join One Pot October

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