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Instant Pot July (with an Instant Pot giveaway!)

Landing-Page-Header-ImageI have to be honest with you guys, I really didn’t want to like the Instant Pot. There were a lot of reasons why I felt this way, among them was the desire to limit the number of fad kitchen gadgets I own and use the tools I already have. Plan to Eat users have been singing the praises of this tool for months now and we decided that we had to give it a try.

You are all correct, and we’ve decided that the Instant Pot is amazing too!

So, this July, Plan to Eat has partnered with blogger Beth Ricci of Red and Honey to bring you Instant Pot July! Join us for brand new Instant Pot recipes, tips and tricks on how to cook using your Instant Pot, two giveaways to win Instant Pots of your own, and much more. Here’s how it works:

(If you don’t see the above video, click here to watch it)

Join us For Instant Pot July! 

instant-potI’ve been so impressed with the recipes that have been made in my Instant Pot and how fast it can cook different foods to perfection. The directions for getting started are easy to follow and you can start cooking just minutes after getting your IP unpacked.  While there are tons of different cooking methods, including slow cooker options, making yogurt, cake, rice, and porridge settings, I’ve primarily stuck to the manual mode. If your version of this tool doesn’t come with all of those settings, most of the recipes I have found online and all of Instant Pot July recipes use the manual mode for cooking — this means that you can make everything we have made using the brand you have!

There are several things I have made in the IP that normally take much more time: boiled eggs (IP: 10 minutes!) spaghetti squash (IP: 8 minutes!) Frozen Chicken (IP: 50 minutes!) These would normally take much longer and they are done in a flash — a perfect flash, to be exact. That is one of the joys of this tool: speed and bulk cooking! Each recipe I’ve tested has made a lot of food and we’ve been eating IP leftovers for many different meals. I’ll share the way I’ve repurposed the leftovers and I would love to hear what you’ve tried too!

 What we made: Week One

Shredded Beef Tacos

Instant Pot Shredded Beef Tacos

Best Ever Potato Salad

Best Ever Potato Salad


Instant Pot Hummus (Gluten and Dairy Free)


With the Fourth of July falling this week, I chose to make 2 side dishes from the 12 Instant Pot July recipes that would be great to take to our friends holiday BBQ, and 1 main dish to serve my family for dinner. The Best Ever Potato Salad (which is truly the best I’ve ever had!) and the Hummus were both incredibly easy and delicious and I’m excited to share them with friends.

I made the Shredded Beef Tacos for dinners this week. The recipe, while I scaled the serving sizes back (here are the instructions about how to do that), made enough food for three different meals! I was so impressed that one meal fed us for three different dinners. Instead of having tacos three times, we repurposed the leftovers and had our version of philly cheesesteaks (hoagies topped with beef, provolone cheese, and sautéed onions and peppers!) and breakfast burritos using the prepared beef.

The Hummus was another fantastic item that can be used in various meals. We plan to serve it at the BBQ with Naan and Sriracha, but you can find 100’s of ways to top your hummus and this recipe is the perfect base. It’s garlic-y and mild, which pairs really well with all of your favorite toppings, chips, bread, and veggies. If you are looking for more hummus ideas, Serious Eats offers some great topping options. We have also used our hummus for wraps, tacos, and sandwiches!

All of these recipes, and more, are available to you through your Plan to Eat account when you participate in Instant Pot July.

Join us For Instant Pot July! 

Facebook-MockupInstant Pot July Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to find friends, discuss tips and tricks and share recipes with other Plan to Eat users! This group is very active and we would love for you to be a part of it.



pinterestInstant Pot Pinterest Board

If Pinterest is more your style, we’ve put together a fantastic Instant Pot Pinterest Board with tons of Instant Pot ideas from all over the web.



Additional Resources

We’ve been accumulating all of the Instant Pot resources that we can find and will be posting these weekly in the Instant Pot July Facebook group & blog posts. We know you all have secrets to share too, so please join the conversation and share your IP knowledge!

Here are a few IP blog posts that we’ve found helpful:

Giveaway: Win an Instant Pot + 1 Free Year of Plan to Eat

If, like us, you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not to invest in an Instant Pot of your own, here’s your chance — we have 2 to give away!

We’re also including 1 free year of Plan to Eat ($39) and a Plan to Eat canvas shopping bag ($19) to each winner. That’s a total prize package worth $180!

The first drawing will occur on July 15 and the second will occur on August 1. If you sign up for the drawing prior to July 15 you will automatically be included in August 1 drawing.

You must be signed up for Instant Pot July and fill out the form below to enter. After confirming that you have joined Instant Pot July, you will have opportunities for additional entries.


If you participate in the Plan to Eat Affiliate Program and would like to use Instant Pot July as an opportunity to spread the word about Plan to Eat, you can do that!
When you log into your Promotional Tools page you will see your referral link:
This referral link will take people to the regular Plan to Eat page using your referral code. The referral code is the “bcwg6yhack” at the end of the URL in this example. Yours will be different.
If you change the URL and update your referral code (I’ve bolded the referral code at the end of the line) to this:

You will send your audience to the Instant Pot July landing page and receive the referral!

Join us!

Let’s have some fun as we learn to cook with our Instant Pots. We’d love for you to join us as we explore brand new recipes, share Instant Pot tips and resources, and you can possibly win one of your own.

Join us For Instant Pot July! 

* Plan to Eat is in no way affiliated with Instant Pot. This page does not contain affiliate links and Instant Pot July is not intended to be a promotion for Instant Pot. We tried the Instant Pot, we liked it, and we thought Instant Pot July would be a fun thing to do with our customers.

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