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Cookbook Review: The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook

Did you think you’d never see the words Paleo and Chocolate together in a cookbook title? It seems a little scandalous, doesn’t it? Don’t worry though. You are in the very capable hands of the fabulous Kelly Brozyna and all 80 recipes in this cookbook are indeed both chocolate and Paleo.


Kelly Brozyna is the mom-chef-baker-blogger behind the popular Spunky Coconut blog. Of all the Paleo blogs, I’ve been visiting Kelly’s the longest–since before I called my diet Paleo, perhaps even before she called her diet Paleo. I’ve cooked dozens of her recipes and they’re always reliable.

Kelly’s new book does not disappoint. There are dessert recipes, of course (enough cakes, cookies, puddings, ice creams, and candies to keep my children feasting for weeks), but she also includes a chapter with breakfast recipes (Chocolate-Stuffed French Toast?? Oh my!) and another chapter with dinner recipes (curries, chilis, and this gorgeous salad with a chocolate vinaigrette that I want someone to make for me right now).


Each recipe is accompanied by one of Kelly’s gorgeous photos. If ever I find myself publishing a cookbook (doubtful, for someone who can’t seem to write down a recipe, humor me) I intend to petition Kelly for her crazy-beautiful food photography skills.

It was unfortunate for me that this book arrived in my mailbox* at a time when my autoimmune issues were demanding strict observation of my Autoimmune Protocol Diet, which means no nuts (good-bye almond flour!), no eggs (buh-bye pudding!), and NO CHOCOLATE (so long practically every goodie in this cookbook!). I did find two recipes that used cocoa butter instead of cocoa. I still haven’t found a clear answer on whether or not cocoa butter is allowed on AIP, even though cocoa is not, but I’m going with the logical assumption that, since it is a fat and not a seed, then it is allowed. But that might be just wishful thinking on my part. In any case, both the White Chocolate Bacon Candies and the White Chocolate Fudge found their way into my fridge. And then, just to broaden the scope of my recipe testing, I baked the Chocolate Zucchini Loaf for the family.



They were all tasty, though the Sweetie Pie (who has consumed gluten, sugar, and dairy in the past week) assured me that I wouldn’t be pulling any fast ones on my non-Paleo friends. But he still ate the zucchini bread, and I caught him sneaking pieces of the fudge. You can always judge the success of a Paleo recipe by how quickly the non-Paleo family members eat it.

The more elaborate recipes call for various techniques that may seem fussy. But if you’re going to get fancy with Paleo ingredients, you will have to put more effort into your techniques. Kelly’s methods are always valid, and the extra work always has a huge payoff. You’ll be rewarded with something beautiful and tasty. It should be said that Kelly favors using liquid stevia in addition to the usual Paleo sweeteners. I bought a bottle of stevia just to test out the recipes and found that I don’t prefer the flavor. But I do appreciate the resulting lower glycemic index of the desserts, and so it’s a compromise I’m willing to make.


This one is staying on my shelf in hopes of some AIP-free days in my future. It’s going to be the first book I grab. I’ve got my eye on that triple-layer German Chocolate Cake to help me celebrate.

Review posts are my opinions on items that were sent to me free of charge. The items were given to me, but the thoughts and opinions are my own. I only provide reviews of items that I find to be truly worthy of recommendation.

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