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Barbecue Recipes to Try Before the Grilling Season Ends

Summer’s almost over, and I’m looking forward to fall and all the goodness it brings with it — crisp apples fresh from the orchard, fresh apple cider, pumpkin anything and a variety of winter squashes. I know summer is generally consider the grilling season, but I think it’s too hot to be standing over a hot grill when it’s hot and humid out, so we’re also looking forward to using ours more as the weather cools down.

With that in mind, I’m drooling over some of these grill recipes today as I start thinking about my fall meal plan:

Gourmet Hamburgers

This gourmet hamburgers recipe from Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife sounds delicious. One thing we don’t like in our house is dry hamburgers, but I can’t imagine these are anything but moist and yummy!

Spice Rub for Chicken or Beef

Our de facto preparation for grilled chicken breasts is an Italian dressing marinade, but I love that this spice rub from Jessica at Good (Cheap) Eats doesn’t require advanced prep and is healthier too.

Grilled BBQ Bacon Shrimp

One of my favorite special treats on the grill is bacon-wrapped barbecue shrimp. I usually use several medium shrimp per skewer, but I’m anxious to try this colossal shrimp recipe from Food Network.

Yummy Honey Chicken Kebabs

My kids will eat almost anything if it’s served on a kabob, but I’m not sure I’d even need to trick them into trying this yummy honey chicken from Amy at Mom Advice. Yummy is right!

Sweet Corn

There’s no question that sweet corn is my favorite side dish when we cook out, and these step-by-step directions from Ole at Food for My Family make grilling the perfect ear of corn sound so simple and easy.

Grilled Peaches

Finally, I keep seeing grilled peach recipes, and I sure hope I’m not too late in the season to make them with our next barbecue!

Do you have a favorite recipe for the grill? Do you do a lot of grilling in the fall?

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