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10 Uses for Fresh Peaches

July is the month that makes me wish I lived in Georgia — not for the sweltering summer humidity, of course, but for the fresh peaches.

I’ve been craving this juicy, delicious fruit this week (and envying my friends who can have fresh Georgia peaches throughout the season!), so I put together a list of uses for fresh peaches along with some tips for preparing them.

Be sure to share your favorite recipes and uses in the comments as well!

1. Smoothies

2. Fruit topping for waffles

3. Peach

4. Homemade baby food

5. Peach tart tatin

6. Summer salads

7. Granola-stuffed grilled peaches

8. Trail mix

9. Peach leather

10.Peach cobbler

My five-year-old daughter recently came to me with a list of
ingredients and declared that she wanted to make a special dessert with
them. After some digging, I decided that this fruit cobbler recipe fit
the bill (although we did have to add a crushed pretzel topping to it,
ha!), and it was easy and delicious. I plan to make it regularly with
whatever fruit is in season, and this month we’ll be adding peaches!

Looking for tips on selecting, preparing and preserving peaches? Check out these resources:

I know we’ve just scratched the surface of uses for fresh peaches. What is your favorite way to prepare peaches?

Photo by adwriter

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