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4 Recipe Resources for Winter Meal Planning

Winter is not a season that boasts a long list of fresh fruits and vegetables like Summer and Fall. The conditions aren’t right. It’s not as sunny or warm, the ground is frozen, and all our other plants are brown and withered. 

But, there is still a lot of fresh produce in the Winter including apples, tuber and root vegetables, citrus fruits, cabbage, squash, and mushrooms! Many of these ingredients fit my preferred cooking method for the winter: slow cooking. Vegetables like squash and tubers are best when slow-cooked to soften their hardy exterior and bring out their earthy flavors (although I do also love the crunch of a shaved Brussels sprout and kale salad in the winter!).

If you need some seasonal recipe inspiration, here are a few resources to help you this winter!

1. Plan to Eat Podcast Episode #8: How and Why to Eat Seasonally: Winter Edition

This podcast episode digs into what seasonal eating is and why you would consider tailoring your food choices to the seasons. There’s a great list of seasonal recipes and many tips for preparing delicious winter foods. 

2. Learning to Eat Seasonally

This blog complements the above podcast episode and highlights some of the benefits of seasonal eating. You’ll find a list of winter seasonal produce and some Plan to Eat features that will help you find seasonal recipes in your recipe book!

3. 21 Winter Seasonal Recipes

If you are struggling to find recipes that include winter seasonal ingredients check out this list.

4. Budget Saver: Buy In-season Foods This Winter

Buying in-season produce is a great way to save money at the grocery store since seasonal items often go on sale. Read this blog if you are looking to spend a little less on your monthly grocery bill!

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